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Topical Damage And Cybernetic Limbs
Aww shit! My hand, my fucking hand!

This might be a bit big, but the idea of limb/area based damage would be amazing. Sort of an extension of the @fatal command, but a lot bigger in scope. It'd still be possible to shoot wildly, not aiming at any one thing or another without specifically aiming for the legs or something, but it'd add so much. For example: Mixer A is carrying around a machete, swinging it around wildly because he's sky high. TERRA agent appears, and does "target mixer hand", so now, when he shoots, he'll automatically shoot for the hand. Someone gets shot in the hand, suddenly, they can't use it. Another situation would be if you were torturing someone, or being a sadistic fuck, you could just chop someone's legs off with a hatchet. Then they can't walk, and they have to dragg themselves along - They couldn't wear any pants or boots, and they couldn't drive cars. Mash someone's ear with a baseball bat, suddenly they can't have the auditory enhancements.

This leads into the second idea: Cybernetic limbs. Supposed you actually got your hand shot off because someone appreciates crippling you. You go to Westide or Fuller or whatever, and you get a metal hand installed. Suddenly, depending on how much money you spent on it, you either have a shoddy replacement for your former hand, or some sort of super thing that could also do Tattooing, or have a small derringer inside it. Cyber legs could be normal, or ostrich-like, or hell, a fuckin' arachnid if you wanted.

...Arachind legs sound awesome.

can i get a unicorn body mod?

Really? Thought you were more of a Killer Croc kinda guy.

Limb loss and cybernetics... damnit, why didn't we think of that before?

Ok, So how about we explore some of the ideas for mods to these cyber-limbs? I mean possibilities are endless really, but I just wanna see where everyone's head is at on this topic. I've got a few of my own I'll share to start it off.

First, how about secret storage compartments in the arms or legs. Something that could conceal a gun from a firearms detector, or maybe hide other contraband so as to allow people to become human mules for the trafficking of illegal goods in and out of the city, or just in and out of the right building. So many other uses for this too.

Second, I'm thinking not everyone wants people to know he's got the uber-arm of death since his near death experience. How about synthetic skin to cover it up and give  it the look and feel of a real arm, at least until he unleashes it's awesome power on his unsuspecting victim.

Third, we've all seen grappling hooks, and some of us have seen any number of silly anime robots that shoot their hands off to jab an opponent across the room. How bout we combine the two into the springfire grappling hand. Always be prepared to pull a Batman and scale the building next to you when the goons think they have you pinned in. Just point your hand in the right direction and say something like " Go go gadget grappling hand." Then laugh as the stupid goons gawk at your flying form disappearing onto the rooftops.

Fourth, I'm thinking some fun little gadgets for the fingers, like maybe flashlight fingers, or a flarelighter thumb, or scalpel fingers for the docs.

And last but not least, this one's for an existing cyberware, namely the cybereye. What about a camera mod for those? Something like a photoplus maybe. We can add a feature that lets you print remotely to an e-print or something. For those super-spies out there on surveillance.
Anyways, that's all I got for now. What other ideas are brewing out there? Get your brains working people.

My suggestion:

Integrated internal comms system, including Freqman 6K and/or gridphone capabilities. Preferably flavored as encrypted or unencrypted, since mercs don't always use the SIC network to coordinate their stuff.

Maybe something similar to shadowrun battletac systems that include friend/foe target and location designators and real time point-of-view visuals through squadmates cybereyes.

Perhaps even built in electronic countermeasures that fool or disable enemy cybernetics and equipment--e-chafe for cybereyes and cameras, acoustic and thermal dampening to fool motion detectors and thermal sensors. Optical camoflauge to hide in plain sight. Internal short-range, low recharge directed microwave or EM pulse to temporarily paralyze cybernetic systems and equipment.

Just a few thoughts.



Rectractable monofilament garrote. Hidden in the thumb. Just grab the thumb, engage the release and whip the monofilament around the neck of your opponent. Could be used during grappling to put em down and out. Heh, pull my finger anyone?