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Toss me his head, mano
Using corpses to get through security check points

Maybe this is already possible, but if it isn't I think it would be supremely cool to be able to use corpses of people with proper clearance to "verify" your way past security doors that you wouldn't be able to.

In case that isn't clear, the scenario would be:

I kill someone who is set up to be able to open a special door.

I can't open that door.

I lift their corpse and go "verify west with corpse"

Door recognizes the dead eyes of the victim and opens!

There'd need to be some sort of check, to recognize that you've gotten the eyes open and are holding the head at the angle the door wants. Could be an interesting method, or using a palm for the same thing. With the hand, you'd want to be quick, as I'd think a cold hand wouldn't trigger the palm reader properly.

Yeah, definitely would need the strength and agility to hold them in place long enough, especially if the body is large and in charge.

This is all IC >.>

There are ways to do this. You just need GM support so its not over used. Now go do it IC and suffer the consequences, heathen swine!

Ah, gotcha, thanks!