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Town Hall: Tattoos

You fold your thick arms and furrow your manicured brow, saying: "I just wanted to say a long time bitch of mine, tattoos. There needs to be a gradient of quality that can be perceived. Right now inking for good quality artists is very difficult, because there is no way to demonstrate your actual, real skill level codedly in it. You have to rely on honesty in the ink descriptions from the multitude of low level artists, that very rarely happens, hence the problem in competition. I suggested integrating a %quality pronoun somewhere that allows people to notice this factor. This could apply to all artistry items too, potentially."

Solaria says, "(...) TATTOOS. So I think tattoos are cool, and I'd like to make them animated to some degree, descriptively - not activated like prog-cloth. Perhaps a more expensive tattoo gun to allow this? Thank you."

So this boils down to:

-%quality for tattoos or some way to objectively appraise the skill of the maker

-Low level artistry users need to man up and describe their work as low quality, doesn't have to be 'shitty' but perhaps 'simple

-Tattoos of higher quality via coded materials or special tat guns