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Training gloves

You know how brass knuckles are weapons that increase damage of brawling?

I thought it'd be interesting if there were padded gloves one could buy, the likes of which you see at martial arts (particularly kickboxing) schools for sparring, which would *reduce* damage, so people could RP training someone without beating them half to death.

Training weapons too, would be handy - bamboo swords, and so on.

*looks around* and rubber bullets hehe
Or you could just pose training.


lazy bastids!

Bu....bu...but that would require rp. I want the moo to do everything for me dammit! *whine*
Hur har. So how would one higher-stat person pose training a lower-stat person without resorting to power posing/godmoding/whatever you happen to call it, which is extremely rude, not to mention that there seems to be an input limit on say/to/pose/emote, which leaves describing possibilities, attempts, and everything else one happens to do in 10-30 line pose freeform, as something that would take *away* detail from a pose?

Fact is, the combat messages are already *there*, skills and stats and combat *is* coded and (duh) perfectly represent the gap between trainer/trainee, what would be so terribly wrong with taking advantage of it for another purpose?