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Transfer Node admin/assign mods

It'd be pretty good if node admins could transfer ownership of a node to another account without that other user having to break the ICE (as the new owner may suck ass at icebreaking, or the ICE theyve got might be expensive).

Another pretty cool idea is adding other users to a node's mod list, or something. A list of users that can make changes to the node's content freely, but only the node admin can change who is and isnt on the mod list. Without going into too much detail, this would be good for things like corporations or groups where multiple users might be tasked with maintaining a single node.

chown and chmod in the grid would be a powerful and useful feature.
Agreed. There's no use in hiding data on the Grid when you can't give specific guests access to it.

My suggestion would be groups.

First you'd create a group, then you'd add an account to a group as:

1) Manager: Can read and edit hidden data, add/remove nodes from the group, add/remove members, and give other members Manager or Publisher rights.

2) Publisher: Can read and edit hidden data.

3) Read-only: Can read hidden data.

- A Manager account would go to an NPC. trusted manager PC.

- A publisher account would go to a senior or whoever's in charge with keeping nodes updated.

- A read-only account would go to a trusted member of the group.

In this fashion, there could be a CGH group for nodes on internal company policy, etc., and a CGH-Security group for nodes related to security-specific policies, data & statuses.

This would require a little additional paperwork on the GM side for groups without PC managers, but perhaps it could be automated with employment terminals.

i mean before we do that we need to be able to hide data in the first place

node comments are very broken at the moment

Not much to add except these are all great points IMO. Anything that incentivizes folks actually utilizing the Grid for hackable content is sorely needed.