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Transportation to Santa Mara

Seems odd that Neotrans doesn't have some type of shuttle or ferry service to get to Santa Mara outside the dome.

I think it would give Neotrans another vector to hire folks outside of just PR and Security, not to mention it would give Security something to do.

That way more than fighters and talkers could be hired by Neotrans, they would then be able to have Pilots and Drivers depending on form of transport between Santa Mara and other badlands areas to Withmore.

Also could have Neotrans arranging transport from their port to Acme and Withmore Wholesalers. This way it's not just a hand wave that Acme and WW get all these crates to stock stores magically, gets players involved, maybe have folks able to transport bulk deliveries to both.

Could provide roleplay opportunities and busy work for players.

While it would be a good idea, San Mara is an outlaw town. Find out more IC, but NeoTrans wouldn't be caught shuttling folks there.

San Mara is a well known town full of smugglers and bandits and generally bad people who will sell you off to some slave kingpin.

I like your idea and how you're thinking in that in can create jobs and opportunities outside the dome however Neotrans would never risk their image like that being a corporation. Sounds like a good long term goal to accomplish as a character or for a wealthy character to venture.

Look forward to Freesky opening as I think that will address your issue.