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Tube traffic rebalance
Utilize speed rather than interrupting motion

Currently, Your motion is completely interrupted by traffic. This can be particularly obnoxious when you're RPing with someone in the vehicle with you.

I would propose that rather than interrupting your movement chain, the tube traffic instead imparts a modifier on your speed (One that can potentially be offset by driving skill) to allow for more interaction with other people rather than watching for a traffic clearing message that often times doesn't even come.

There's so many issues with trying to RP with people in cars in the tubes that I've pretty much abandoned all hope of it. Unless they're in the back, where the screen isn't getting constantly spammed. So cabbies I guess would be fine.

I'd like to see the proposed changes I think you, or possibly someone else brought up a year or two ago, about making the tubes only a handful of rooms and greatly extending the driving times through them, or allowing automatic traffic control when entering/exiting tubes. I really don't think we'd be losing much if we couldn't get out of our cars and off our bikes in the middle of the tubes, personally.

Ideas: Traffic Speeds