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UE Idea
Use it or lose it.

Just an idea. What if UE is a use it or lose it scenario? If you don't use certain skills or stats over a set amount of time, you begin to forget that skill, or stat. How realistic is it to just always be a buff mano without ever having to train? This could be a constant thing or maybe come into play once a char has maxed out. It's really just a brainstorm i've had that I think could be interesting when it comes to evolving your character and not feeling stuck in one role.
I believe it's implied that your character is keeping up their skills in the background while you're not logged in.

I don't want to have to manually spend time codedly upkeeping skills when there's no IC reason to do so. Especially for skills that you've raised for non-coded reasons. Artistry for performing, decking skills for non-coded hacks, etc.

I feel like instead of being stuck at a point, Doing related work towards the skill should very slowly improve the character regardless, Like tailoring would slightly increase artistry over time, or shooting pistols eventually would increase pistol skill but very slowly to not let people go god over time?