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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Dimitri

We should have some vandalism element besides graffiti. Something like takeing bats and guns to cars, doors, windows, etc.

Heh, well along with that, you could be breakin' into cars in order to get to that pack of smokes you see in the cup holder!  

You know not what you ask.


Quote: from Kevlar on 12:00 pm on Mar. 21, 2004
You know not what you ask.

And you hath not explained.

Allright... you asked for it.

Every change made possible requires a way of undoing it, and someone to undo it.

Breaking a car windows means you need a way to get your car window replaced, which means new code and a new NPC. If all car windows were breakable, a thug would just go around breaking all the car windows. Assuming that would happen, people would just upgrade to bulletproof windows. Assuming everyone would just upgrade their windows as soon as they bought the car, no windows would ever be breakable, and there's no point in having the code to support it.

Apply this same logic to undentable doors, and your in pretty much the same boat accross the board.

But let's assume that a gun could in fact put a hole in these undentable doors. So now people would have cars with bulletholes in them, and a repair shop to fix them. While this dosn't really support a lot of RP, I could see how it might be useful in certian very specific RP situtations. But then people would just go around shooting up the police cruisers on Gold.

Now we all know that people shooting up police cruisers on gold would attract the attention of one or more judges, but that would require the code to support the dealing with such suspects, which is as best a fluid situtation; Was the guy in the room the shooter? How do you know who's got the gun? Do we just arrest whoever's in the room at the time? Or does the code just magically tell the judge who did it? What if they left the room? I mean the posibilities are endless, and really require human intervention to deal with correctly.

Really the problem is no different that a guy just shooting up another guy on Gold, which we also don't really have coded support for the response to that.

So let's just assume we allow it and hope GM's are always around to respond to it (yeah right). Who fixes the cruisers? Assuming they don't heal themselves (which they might), who's gonna drive them in for repairs? I mean were talking about a lot of code just so you can put a bullethole in a police cruiser... Does the benifits and newly supported RP really outweight the potential for abuse and amount of work required?

Or would you rather have the effort put towards vehicle combat, and a unified damage system which supported improvements and damage for your vehicle?


(Edited by Kevlar at 1:50 pm on Mar. 21, 2004)

All I want is a motorcycle.  Dammit.


I seriously think there should be some way to bust into cars...

(Edited by Biohazard at 8:44 am on Aug. 30, 2004)

And this needs to be bizzumped.

I swear I've seen that Kevlar-Brand(tm) Rant before. I swear it...

You can place that code time on cyberware IMHO.

I agree, Cyberware, The Matrix, and even Motorcylces are the top three on my "Thing's I'd love to see in Sindome" list, but breaking into cars should be one of those everyday kinda things on RED, and I can thing of some very intresting RP that would come of it.

I think a lot of pretty pissed off people would come of it, that's what.
Maybe it would be cool, but...
Why would I want to get a car if you're just going to break into it?
And if I...and players like me...don't use cars, then what's the incentive for them to be further developed?

I say we get the vehicle system down first, let the 'cosmetic' things fall into place later.

Why would you park your Fancy car on RED? I mean, that's just asking for it.

Because the clinic has no garage?

Point taken.
But do you see mine?

Because decent garages haven't been placed around  RED yet and because the code isn't in place to deter the people who would want to get into that fancy car. Now if all of that was in place, there may be some sort of deterrant available to players like the flame throwers in South Africa. Mr. I-Want-To-Deface-This-Vehicle might end up a crispy critter.

frickin true.... if there's gonna be break-ins, then there also needs to be locked stalls to park your car which you can rent with an apt., security systems... whatever...

Go cyberware.

I'm buzzed as hell...