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Variable Hide
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

You should be able to choose how well you hide things. Obviously it should still rely on your stealth skill somehow (and whatever else), but you should be able to have a choice between hiding things so they're easy to find, or hide them so they're more difficult, or very difficult, to find.

I agree.  Nothing is worse then hiding something, and then two seconds later not being able to find it!

Whered I  put my Turcolorz Dildo damnit!

I think it is a good idea, then your skills at searching could pick up the easier hdidng things better then the hard finding things.

That'd be a good idea, you could use it for hiding it for someone else to find later and what not.

Or maybe just another verb.  Hide for actuly hiding.. maybe 'Conceal' will just hide it a little bit..

I think it is a god idea to do like conceal or hide like that so you can just bury it under a small pile of rubble outside and cover it under newspapers inside. I think it is a good idea.

Okay seems like this one was a hit. Can we do it?beandip