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Vehicle idle messages
Just a fun little thing

It would be fun to have vehicle idle messages, that fire off both in the room and in the vehicle occasionally, that say something along the lines of `% idles with a subdued rumble' or something along those lines. Both as a means of atmospheric messaging, and a reminder to people who are in or around a vehicle that it is in fact -on-.
Sounds fun! My only concern would be based on past mentions of putting code on timers from Slither as a bad practice. So they bog on the game may not be worth the end result in this case.

To play devil's advocate, people should just be vmoting this, right?

Can't vmote if the windows are up, as I recall.
Doesn't have to be s timer based event. Could be triggered any time s character enters the room the car is in.

Or, just append something to the vehicle when it's on like an @lp. That way anyone who enters the room can see that it's on if they take the time to read.

Idling vehicles are noticeable in rooms similar to @lp.