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VH1 in Whitmore

How ba would it be to have a dedicated music video channel on your t.v. Maybe two or three scenes set up - complete with musical and video descriptions- per "video" that runs on a random loop. All the descriptions could be outsourced to the community, too. I was just thinking how i'd like to leave a t.v. tuned to something themely and just leave it on.

On a side note: This opens up more ic possibilities too for people pursuing the musical, dj, popstar or filmstar kind of role.

There's already something like this that exists in-game. Only, with the severe lack of musicians/rappers/etc, I guess that channel isn't all that up-to-date.

Oops. ok. i missed that one. Sorry. How about any ways to revive it? Like a mix of ooc/ic input into it to get it rolling with new stuff?

Check out help scripting...or just get a IC job producing said content.

I would love to have a channel for this, but it does need to be IC, as its very much an ICly possible job (with a little scripting or the like).

Hell, doesn't even really need scripting. The capability to record video and edit it later (including adding crazy visuals that didn't happen in the actual scene) is in game.

If this interests you I recommend looking into a job in NLM-TV, or as a media star/starlette!