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Voice mail system for Cell phones
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Statik

I think it be a good idea to have voice mail systems for cell phones

It would be helpful if phones were Debuged first. They still wanna be busy even when they aren't.

Any *J*'s have a response for this?

Dunno about voicemail, but It'd be nice if you could get some indication of who you're talking to, I mean, I can usually recognise someone's voice over the phone without too much effort.

Plus, being able to store numbers on them would be good, so we can speed-dial people and stuff.


Quote: from Lucifer on 2:22 pm on July 16, 2001[br]It would be helpful if phones were Debuged first. They still wanna be busy even when they aren't.

Show me an instance where this happens and the code is responsible. I've trawled through the cellphone code a couple of times and fixed all the possible bugs I could find (there were a few). I'm not spending any more hours searching for a bug no-one can demonstrate to me. If -you- forget to hang up your phone then the code is not at fault... Perhaps we should start per-minute billing or make the phones use battox's to prevent people from sitting with open lines for hours at a time.

Idea wise, yep, good ideas, consider them in the list.

if you note, that was July 2001...hehe, yes the phone bugs have all been fixed since.

AHA! Didn't realize it was an old thread with a new post...