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Wallet change.
Automating it.

I think it would be very easy to automate things like tram fees and such to be automatically taken from your wallet when you walk through the door.

Maybe have the code check for if you have a wallet with #chyen in it, and if true, then have it just deduct from the wallet balance with a flashy echo like.

Joe stops momentarily at the entrance to pull some chyen out of his wallet and slot the fee before continuing on.

Think it would be smoother and less tedious.

And safer from pickpockets. Nah.

I'm not sure how it would make you safer from pickpockets. It's not like they can't just steal your whole wallet, instead of fishing your loose chy from your pocket.

It would make you safer from pickpockets because you wouldn't have to store the money in your wallet to get through.

It would also eliminate the need to reveal the fact that you were carrying a wallet when you needed to get your Lev fair fee, which is a critical dynamic for pickpockets: figuring out what to steal, and when to steal it. Such decisions are not nearly as trivial as you might expect them to be.

Johnny is right: Changing it would break a lot of things that are working very well right now.

Curt5's suggestion doesn't prevent you needing money in your wallet, you'd still have to have it in there to pay for access. And it wouldn't stop pickpockets being able to spot that you have a wallet if it provides a proper emit of some kind saying that you reach into your #WALLET and pull out money... It does however mean that you could move through the ticket areas faster than you might otherwise, which might deprive pickpockets of a chance to do the actual pickpocketing.

All in all I think the better solution is one which is already provided: Set up a macro with @marcos to open your wallet, pull out 45 chyen, close your wallet again, and go through the gate. Might have to set up multiple for different directions, but that'd be about the only difficulty.