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Watch command
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Tash

Say it would be really cool if there were a watch command that let you watch the window at Rosa's so you could watch people walk by and stuff.

I don't know if this is a 'for sertain' or not...but there was the idea for watching an exit. It allowed you to look into the next room and watch for someone to enter or exit. I would imagine this would be the same thing...

again though, I'm not sure if this will be coded or not.

Since the windows I'm familiar with in the game are actually slightly tweaked exits both of these -could- be achieved with one set of code...

Tho I -think- there's at least two types of window generic in the game, one exit based the other not. The look code already supports telescopic cyberoptics to let you remote look into other locations in full detail, just we don't have the cybernetics and surgery coded yet...


Add it to the list.

Didn't I have an idea like this? :)

And I still think you should be able to put your ear up to a door and LISTEN to the next room...

I mean, it makes sens that if you are on a street on Gold, you should be able to look down it for a certain distance. . . the same with indoor hallways

Remember though, streets are much longer than represented...we couldn't possibly make it to scale. Not to mention thousands of people, tons of muchy would you relly recognize?

hallways yeah...I'd definitely agree

See my post to the 'listen' thread for an explanation of the coded aspects of this.

So, what is wanted is a method to 'watch' an exit rather than to just look at it for snapshot instant... Hrm... I can agree with that, but...

Someone asked about my current project list in another thread somewhere... perhaps I'll post a shortened version of it somewhere...

Add it to the list 8/

Now THAT'S a good idea, posting a project list :)