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I mean...really..watching

It be cool if you could see the codes someone is typing in on their cube/apartment/locker when your watching them.

Meh, I dunno, what if someone is watching you in your apartment. At westinghaus for instance you need the code to get out, so when you watch them you see the code and tada after they leave you come back and clean them out. I dont think it is a good idea but mybe I am just looking at it biased.

"so when you watch them you see the code and tada after they leave you come back and clean them out."

Hence, the point of the idea.

I think that like in a business deal gone wrong etc. when you let them out you are gonna kind have your back to them or block them from seeing it. So I dont think it is a good idea but who knows...

It's not allways a biz deal gone bad.

Like, say you're hidden, and watching.
Or your the guys most trusted pal, but really want to lift that X03 out of his stash.

Well, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't type my code openly even in front of 'mates'... I would use my body as a shield and cover with the other hand and shit.

But have you ever tried to catch on a person typing their codes to ATMs, credit-card machines and the lot? It's almost impossibe, unless they're too dumb.

Probably why it may have something to do with perception..?

I agree with Xee, you'd have to be pretty dumb to not be right on top of that keypad, especially with the shady characters in the mix. No matter how perceptive you are, you're not going to catch codes unless somebody's being careless. Besides, there are other ways of getting codes ICly.

"you'd have to be pretty dumb to not be right on top of that keypad, especially with the shady characters in the mix."

Not everyone is mr fucking brilliant.

Or Mr fucking paranoid. You comein back to your pad after knocking back 12 lagers at the drome, you " use my body as a shield and cover with the other hand and shit. " Probably not....

If someone's honestly that dumb or doesn't maintain a healthy level of paranoia on RED, realistically they'd probably be dead before they had anything worth stealing. It wouldn't be as easy as looking over somebody's shoulder as they punch in their code, then sneaking in and stripping the room bare without waking them up.

So you just assume everyone is paranoid/brilliant, and on RED?

It doesn't take a "brilliant" person to know chances are that if you punch in your code without covering it up, nine out of ten perceptive people who may have witnessed the event would probably take advantage of the situation and rob you blind. I'm not arguing against the existence of plain sight code-punching suckers, I'm saying that whoever it is would get taken advantage of like -that-, either making them dead or a little more careful after that.

Yeah, that's probably what would happen. So, how's the idea bad?

So your saying that you wanna take the population of people who are careful and screw them in the ass as well?
I mean people who are not even really paranoid are going to cover the key pad to be safe, on GOLD normally you have more money and there is probably nice stuff sitting around so you cover the keypad.

I give up....

I guess I'm just not seeing how the implementation of such an idea would go. Statistically, what would make Person1 more likely to have somebody see his code when he punches it in than Person2?

I give up....

Probablly easier than trying to reason with this crowd.

Trust me, I know.


Hey, I thought I was being reasonable?

What are your thoughts on the idea, Kev? Pro or con?

What are your thoughts on the idea, Kev? Pro or con?


I think there's plenty of ways to get into people's places of residence, but no one ever thinks to excercise them.

But more to the point, if people would RP being sloppy drunk and mumbling their code while they try to type it in, this topic wouldn't have been started.

Instead people care more about keeping their stuff and staying alive than RPing being sloppy drunk after 8 beers inside an hour.

So, to heck with them. If they can't RP their way into someone's cube, then they don't deserve coded assistance.


Personally I have issues with allowing any player in the same 'safe' room with a sleeping character.  

player 1 goes to bed for the night, logging off goat ninja giving him a much needed rest.
Player 2 who just logged on and woke up boney the clown was watching goat ninja punch his cube code in.
after waiting a few minutes boney the clown punches in the code and walks in.  Proceeding to clean goat ninja out, boney the clown rummages around the room taking -everything- inside (yes that's everything you endless pocket having n00bs) then frisks and strips goat ninja of all items on his person.  

Through out the course of these actions goat ninja (whom stat wise is uber perceptive) doesn't get the chance to wake up to someone pulling all his clothes off and turning his room over.

Is this fair? No.  Is this realistic?, No.  Will players have the ability to get into a sleeping characters room without some sort of GM supervision if I have anything to say about it? No.

That's all fine and dandy. I was just saying it would be realistic catch tidbits of keycode being punched in if you're watching. And it is arguable that someone could be in so deep a sleep that they can't feel their clothes being stripped, but whatever it's not likely and I'm not going to go into that.

If this was real life it would be possible.  But in real life, people wake up and start busting caps at people that break into there house/apartment/tiny little room in a trailer.

Or atleast pretend to be sleeping while the person robs them, and then gets there friends together to fuck the dude up.  

But on SD, people can sleep for days, and the chance of someone waking up while you rob them is very slim.  If it was coded so you could see the code punched in, then it would be like a fucking free for all.  There would be no one hanging out at the bar, everyone would be staked the fuck out in a hallway at the New Rose waiting for some dumb fuck to come punch his code in so they can wait five minutes and raid the place!  

cathing 'tidbits' of  code doesn't work either, cause everyone knows (and if they don't let this serve as notice) sitting at a door and running through unknown door combos at random or running through the possible combonations sequentialy is against the rules as there is no IC security measure to prevent it's mis-use.