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Water and containers.
Containers are useful!

Two related thoughts.  First off, it would be really nice if containers were reusable.  Cigarette cartons and V-202 boxes catch my attention in particular because once you take something out, you can't put it back in.  Maybe it's just me being OCD about being able to put things where they belong but for some reason it makes these objects feel really "incomplete".  Canteens and water bottles don't share this same "incomplete" feeling but I would love to see a refill feature added, even if its just by taking a shower while holding said objects.  When I think of buying a canteen, I usually imagine myself buying an empty one and then bringing it home to fill under the faucet.  I'm not trying to be nit picky but containers could really use a simple, you put things in them and you take things out of them, design.

Containers are typically used for ease of transportation and trade. Usually barter. I think there are places where you can refill those canteens. Maybe you just haven't found one yet?