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Weapon-Skill Finishers
More than just a necksnap.

I was thinking about why it was always a neck-snap in my experience and I had an idea.

What about a finisher for each weapon-type, that can be generalized in some way?

A certain wooden sword might be excluded or made different, but all the other skills it would make sense and be pretty cool.

Melee could be like %N pummels (second name I forget the pronoun) repeatedly with %t, until they're sure the last of the life fades out of (name2)'s eyes.

Something general, but slightly more detailed than just a necking, would possibly be really cool.

I got logs that show different ways than neck-snapping for finishing, so that's already in.
That's a thing already, yes.
These absolutely exist for most weapons in the game.
Holy shit.

I'm dumb then.

Maybe I was just using obscure ass weapons.

Go out and experiment with your weapons, there's IC ways of doing it that won't lead to an anti-murderhobo death squad kicking down your cube door and skullfucking you with a crusher.