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Weapons, Disguising and NPCs
Venting Idea

Hello Everyone,

Over the last few days, ive come up with a few ideas, to say the least.

1. Disassmbleable Sniper Rifle/ Bigger guns, which can be taken apart for easier carrying: During rampage, I was playing around with one, and the one disadvantage to a sniper rifle is its extreme cubersomeness. I was think maybe one model could be taken apart,and the pieces carried around (maybe even in a bag of sorts) like in real life, to conceal it and add to the RP of someone using it. Make it take time to put it together and you have to remember the order or something.

2. Disguising: There should be an easier way to disguise your person, not like the hoodies and such, but like your hair, eye color, etc. Contacts? Scissors? I dont know, the possibilities are nearly endless.

3. NPC: I think some NPCs should have more questions, maybe just to stall more time before an Admin can get to them. Like say a bartender, if you ask the price of a drink, he can tell you. Thats one thing I think should be added.

4. Avs in the wasteland:This is more for fun than anything, but I really want to do a Firefly sorta deal with my next char, flying around the desert, smuggling goods.

If any of this is in game already, Im sorry, but these have been floating around my head. Thanks