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wearable add-on
this is a bit odd, and I've mentioned it before

for larger weapons that stash but don't fit in holsters you could have slings that attach to them, that make them wearable..   or strings and chains that you can use to put small items on like skillsofts, rings, keys. Okay this one is a little silly, but would be fun.

I agree with this.  I would like to see holsters, or some attachment that would allow you to wear your MP11, shotgun, sniper rifle, or mini-gun.  I think it is much more IC and themely then having it in your inventory.  Having it out where it is potentially visible to law enforcement or players who want to jack you for it is good.

Holster for your sawed off shotgun, hanging out below your coat.

Just whistle "A hunting we will go" for me.

I like the idea of long rifle/shotgun things having slings. So your 'holster WAI 984R Tactical shotgun' would do this...

/me slips an arm through the sling on /my %shotgun and lets it rest on /my back. or something?

yes? No?