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Wearable smokes
For real cool cats

I know this can partially be done with @nakeds, but it feels wrong to include items in your nudes, and I think it would be more immersive if you could tuck cigs/joints/fat blunts/etc behind your ear and such, or if you wanted to just swagger around with a expensive cigar in your mouth while you demand pictures of the local vigilante crimestopper.
yes. yes. YES. YES!!!


This isn't codably possible, sadly.

Smokable drugs are a different object hierarchy than clothes by too great a deal.

Would it be acceptable to make a prop (tailored clothing described as a cigar, etc) to achieve something like this, if it was something very character centrinic?
help props

Unfortunately not under our current rules. Purchase cigarettes and smoke them in game, and use @tp / existing tools.

(Edited by MirageGM at 8:32 am on 2/17/2022)