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Weather, Flight, and Landmarks
Zero Visibility

Just two propositions based on some commentary on OOC-Chat.

1) Flight visibility conditions should be impacted by the weather. Heavy fog, rain, snow, etc should make look/peer barely usable at times. Forcing a skilled pilot to fly solely off of instruments.

2) Landmarks should be added to Withmore much like the Badlands. Where you can see things like NLM Tower, the Hall of Justice, etc as you fly closer to them. Landmarks should be more prevalent in topside sectors and difficult to find downside due to sprawl and mixers purposefully meddling with signage to make it more difficult for corps and the WJF to navigate.

Disagree with the second point. There are several HUGE towers in Red that would make fantastic landmarks. Other than that, yes, more weather condition stuff, and for the love of god, a way to orient yourself spatially without having to do math.
I believe weather already effects flying, and makes it more difficult to fly at certain speeds as well.
Cookie He was referring to visibility, it really only makes sense when you add the second part.
In the OOC discussion, signs were specifically mentioned as potential wayfinding points.

Not every "landmark" has to be immobile or undefaceable.

Improved functionality for blind players (and mobile players like me) is always a +1 in my book, though general vehicle spam may still be an obstacle.
There's no meaningful navigation information given by look or room descriptions when flying, all flight is already instruments only unless it's at at ground level.
I like this idea.
Just keep in mind people who cannot parse ASCII in mind when coding up things like visibility issues. The instruments we have now are really cool but not accessible for all players.