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Weather interaction with items.

Just a thought, if you drop a cigarette by accident after you burnt yourself while it's storming, there should be a chance of the cigarette becoming too soggy to smoke, or when you accidentally drop a cigarette on snow. Just a minor, yet realistic thing.

Any other weather interaction with items you'd like to suggest?

I want to be able to shock myself to death when reviving someone in pouring rain because I was too stupid to move them somewhere dry first
Cig smoking in the rain unless you have an umbrella--yeah. I see that as realistic. Heavy snow as well?
Why not just a chance to even slip and fall in the rain/ice if there is a puddle/ice patch in the room? After all, your character is an object codedly...
We should be able to ice skate on ice puddles as well. Tiny Michelle Kwans spinning effortlessly with enough artistry