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Web-Client Grammar API
A bespoke solution to promote creativity

My name is ReeferMadness, and I have terrible grammar. Due to this, I have adopted using habitually. I think this is a precious tool, and considering we are all creative writers, I would love to be available to the entire community.

Grammarly does not offer an API in its current form, but there are alternatives like My proposition is the web-client integrate an API like this with a few key features tailored to the community's needs.

* Recognition of MOO commands and emote architecture.

* Access to a cyberpunk slang dictionary that will offer alternatives to commonly used words with a simple right-click.

* A tone predictor akin to Grammarly but geared toward the theme. i.e., Sounds Corporate/Mixer, etc.

* MOO Integrated autocomplete via TAB. i.e., Type wield t followed by TAB will cycle through objects in your inventory starting with the letter T like a modern CLI.


Yes! This sounds like an intense undertaking but I love the idea!
I am not opposed, but I am busy. The good news is the Open Source pubclient is out there and can be forked. If someone were to do this work, I could accept a pull request into the open source project. From there, I could back-port this into the actual webclient with some slight (if any) adjustments due to project drift.