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Where's it -really- at?

Mixers wouldn't give a shit if there's a lot of corpies partying topside, much the same way a corpie isn't gonna go to the Drome because it's packed right now.

Could it be possible to have the bartenders refer you to the busiest bar of the sector they are on? Topside bartenders can probably recommended you to the busiest bar on gold &

I second this, no bar owner in the Mix would really care at all the party that is happening Topside, and vice versa Topside to the Mix.

I really like this idea. Like, really really.

Agreed. Enforce some of that divide.

Shameless bump and a request from admins to see if this can be implimented? Seems to be no reason why this shouldn't be in.

*To* The admins. I'm just a regular player!