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Which area needs the most love?
Discussion of the current poll

In an XOOC discussion, the current poll results were being discussed. I pointed out I didn't know what the announced proposed changes were, and was pointed to the June 2017 townhall. In suggesting a list be made, I was volunteered, so here is that list!

Here is a link to the townhall:

The purpose of this list and discussion is to help people make an informed choice on the poll. Please point out any mistakes I made in compiling it.


- No publicly announced changes


- Additional cultural quarters

- Multiple new locations

- New items

- New creatures

- New type of underground movement and threat

- Plans to develop economy

- Smuggling


- Additional cultural quarters

- Completion of FreeSky

- Additional new location

- New way to make chy in space

- Unique products and activities that only exist in space

- New creatures for Kashflo arena

- Getting the Labyrinth operational

- New generation of affordable space-specific transportation


- No publicly announced changes

The one thought I've had when it comes to world expansion is player density. I'm sure that the masters of the game are already thinking of this but I figured I'd put my thoughts down anyways.

The thing is that Sindome is already a massive game. There are so many places to be. More than any one of us realizes I am sure. My main concern with expansion is that as more areas become available or attractive, the more our limited number of players spreads out and this may reduce the number of random encounters one has with other players.

I don't know what the ideal density might be or how desirable these chance encounters are but I just want to throw this thought out there. From my limited perspective I prefer greater player density and more life brought to what we already have.

Regardless, I look forward to what you all come up with. Thanks!