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Whispering in poses
Integrate whispers like we do for says

Always liked how the says work in conjunction with emotes/poses, thought it would be really cool if we could whisper in emotes as well and have the whisper trigger the command.


.lean over and .whisper in Bob's ear, "Got some shady biz, chummer, you ready?"

Other people see: "Steve leans over and whispers in Bob's ear, "G.. ..d.., .ou r...?"

Not sure if this would be difficult to code, but sure would be neat to have!

"Whispering" poses to people in general would be great, it would allow us to send gestures others aren't supposed to see.

That's already a feature. Check out @tutorials to learn about watch and address

Whispering in poses probably isn't something we can reasonably do. The pose code is pretty complicated already and having to detect who to send the whisper to would be tough.

.look over at Joe and then .lean into Sam and .whisper, "Sup?"

.lean in to Joe and Sam and .whisper "Sup?"

The MOO would have trouble figuring out who to whisper to.

I do wish there was a way to subtly signal people, but I can't think of any feasible way to do it.

I usually just break this into two parts:

.lean in close to Janice and .whisper into her ear.

whisper "This is some secret drek. You scan?" to janice

It take more work but it's the best I've managed to come up with.