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Withmore City Day
Party on!

We should have a Withmore City Day. Like to celebrate the foundation of the city and such...

Party, booze, topless dancers, yeah.

Civic Pride, what's that?

Quote: from Johnny on 11:59 am on July 4, 2004[br]Civic Pride, what's that?

Civic pride? What about a holiday of consumism that is both incentivated by the media and the corps?

Just like christmas, valentine day, mom's day, dad's day and the such... ;)

I don't think they celebrate Mother's day in Withmore ;)

Quote: from Lotus on 12:02 pm on July 4, 2004[br]I don't think they celebrate Mother's day in Withmore ;)

I think they do on green and blue...

I just don't see Mixers celebrating the opening of the city, heh.

Well, it would give people upside something to do and some media feed once a year.

Quote: from Lotus on 12:06 pm on July 4, 2004[br]I just don't see Mixers celebrating the opening of the city, heh.

Withmore's population doesn't consist of Mixers soley, and I don't think it would be unthemely for the corpies to celebrate the day when they broke off from government taxation and founded Withmore.