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Withmore Realty

ok, prolly non on the top of anyone's project list, not with the other things that need to be fixed (GRID!!!), but what about an automated realty office that keeps a list of the available buildings for lease/purchase, and expects lease/mortgage payments every month, or your building goes up for next buyer.

kinda like a hotel room, but for shops. some of the shopkeepers arent around anymore, so like the electronics shop up on gold, and there's nothing in there.


let someone else that can run a store, keep it stocked, hire help, sell some shi stuff, and move the gear!

its amazing to me that we have a shi factory in our lovely city, and yet none of our common stores sell their gear, except gps.

or maybe i just need to dig around cordoba mallplex more


thanks, i searched but it didnt find anything.