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Word Wrapping
Make Word Wrapping wrap before the word

It would be great if this could be changed to wrap before the word, if that word exceeds the word limit. It gets a little confusing and jarring to read sometimes when words are cut off! :)

So. Instead of:

"Mary tries on a new pair of Jord


It'll be:

"Mary tries on a new pair of


Thats how it works on the webclient with @wrap off. Are you getting this sort of issue with @wrap on and a client that doesn't wrap for you?
I've tried playing SD using JuiceSSH because the other mud clients so poor visually. What happens is @wrap is at the mercy of @linelength and it affects both the webclient and other clients. If your line length is let to longer than the window length of your client the client might wrap, cutting up words in the process and the line after then gets @wrapped.
I would expect an SSH client do that, that's one of the reasons folks write mud clients I think, the different use case. I generally recommend leaning on the client to do the work because each device can lend its CPU and window management to the effort instead of the shared CPU of the server. @wrap is old and deep in there, so it might be a challenge to change how its breaking, but we can look into it.