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Wounds and Locations

Could the look and/or ht command provide a list of wounds and where they are located on live people, please? It would reduce hiccups in RP due to scrollback need, allow people to react more appropriately to wounds they may or may not see, and provide doctor types with the information necessary to flesh out their RP without additional effort on the part of the patient after prodding.
Would really like to see this. Maybe not right away, but more specific body damage could add an interesting spin to combat and/or all things medical.
There is specific body damage, just right now you need to scroll up or remember where you get hit by the combat scroll if you want to RP the wound location or add scars.

It's a little inconvenient. I wouldn't mind something like this.


Think Linekin means this one:

The reason I didn't bump that thread is because I'm more concerned with having a list of wounds, and where they are, rather than what caused them. Something that would be easily accessible to both the player behind the affected character, and those that interact with them that would take away the need for scrollback and occasional prompting of said player to reveal where they were hurt. It shouldn't be dependent on a skill, because just noting that a wound is there should be obvious enough (unless they're choosing, ICly, to hide their wound in some manner).

Found this thread.

I'm interested in this. Instead of guessing where the vicious cut you got from jumping down is, it lets you know. Or maybe you can work on using this with maybe a called shot or attack though with a negative to the attack. (of course that could just be my tabletop RPing coming through. Not sure what that would take or minimum skill level / specialization needed maybe?)


Also, I know that forensics tells you damage done on a body, but idea on being able to see on a corpse if it was shot up or stabbed (both?) even without forensics is an idea. If a corpse was shot and you're looking at the naked body, wouldn't you be able to see that (depending on perception maybe)?

Just an idea because right now bodies just look like they randomly fell dead. Not sure if this can only be on deaths involving blades/guns/fire. Might not be *the* cause of death but the bullet / blade wound could be seen?