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Yes/No check with trashing items

I'd love a y/n check when using this command. I recall several times when I trashed the wrong item!
Does anyone remember a situation when you needed to trash something and then immediately do something like flee, go through a door, stop someone from bleeding to death or defend yourself?


I personally haven't. But I have trashed my cred chip when trying to trash a business card!
I've accidentally trashed worthy items or tossed down chutes and I xhelped about it, staff told me, "it's IC, your character had a short lapse of judgement", sort of how you accidentally toss your car keys in the garbage bin instead of the actual garbage. Try counting before you do anything potentially disastrous.
I have trashed valuable items before, and OMG I wanted to shotgun my character's balls. Yeah an optionally toggable prompt would be nice.
I think it's just as useful as other prompts like, I heard there is one if you try to kill a sleeping person. Not had this experience but apparently it's a feature.

I've OCD and it might just be me, but I often doublecheck things as I lose things, so I like to be extra careful.