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[April '20] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling thread of updates from April 2020


Based on feedback from RedSteelButterfly (thank you for understanding our miscommunication), we've brought the vehicle repainting garages up to par with the xterm-256 support. The way you select your color choice is a little different from before.

First, you pick the color family exactly like before. This hasn't changed.

Second, you pick from a much shorter list of colors. We've pruned out all the BS choices that were present before. The list of choices here is dependent on your skill.

Finally, in the new third step, you'll pick your finish. Again, the list of choices is dependent on your skill.

Each color family shares a common set of finishes except for the last few finishes in each color family very strongly relate to that color family. Only the most skilled painters will be able to repaint vehicles with these.

Thanks for the feedback RedSteelButterfly!

Johnny, thank you so much, I am so very happy with this change! thank you! thank you! thank you!

When we added the delay to using a drug to prevent abuse a while back we didn't update the code that causes NPCs to hold and use drugs and then put them away, thus they would hold the drug, attempt to use it, but put it away before using it, causing it to never get used, meaning the NPC would never need more of it. This should be resolved. Thanks for the bug report.


This now includes the dtease_msg.


You can now see neighboring rooftops at night again as long as the neighboring roof is lit up. There are places where rooftops are dark and unlit, and places where rooftops are dark but lit, especially at night.

Dark but lit rooftops will still show up. Dark but unlit rooftops will not, at least during the night.


Sometimes when you are using pose echoing it will show you gibberish for your speech, similar to if you don't understand the language. This is due to how we show you what another person might have seen. It's not a big deal, and not a bug per say. Just ignore it. You know what you said :) I've updated @options pose to mention this.


@wow now works again, there was a bug that was saying it set the wow but it wasn't actually.


You can no longer install any kind of chrome in yourself. As you can clearly see by the messaging you get when installing these things, they were never meant to be self installed. We simply forgot to add in the check to prevent it codedly.


I've fixed a bug where sometimes security gear that was graffiti'd got into a bad state and couldn't be cleaned. This is all set.


I have added a penalty multiplier to the existing evade attack penalty (where an attacker chasing a victim might spam the kill command to repeatedly roll against the victim who is already moving through an exit) such that if you spam 'attack' or 'kill' too much, it will multiply the victims awareness more (the penalty basically multiplies each time you get busted for doing this). The new penalty shows up in your @stats with a flashing red @ and notifies GMs when you've earned the penalty. It will go away after 24 hours. It will only affect your ability to succeed at spamming attack when the victim is 'swiftly fleeing'.