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[August '20] Improvements & Fixes
Rolling thread of updates from August 2020


This no longer requires a HUD / overlay module to function, but you won't get any usable feedback from the things you attempt to do without the HUD. That doesn't mean it won't work, you just wont know it did or didn't. Kinda advanced mode, working without a GUI.

You'll still need an overlay if you want to SEE anything with the chip, but if you just want to be the OUTPUTTER of what you see, you don't need the overlay.

Issues with this should be flagged over xhelp and in @bug.


Johnny wrote an API for querying the grid for unread emails and I wrote moo code to bring that in and incorporate it with our routine GM alerts. We had alerts on Grid 2.0 for accounts with unread gridmail from the past 5 days -- but this is better as it is close (~30 minute cache) to real time.


We are moving closer to player grid accounts having the ability to moderate forums on the grid. This may look like someone in Gridworks or PR at NLM being a 'moderator' and making sure the 'legit forums' aren't devolving into anti-corp stuff.


Players in specific jobs (think NewsDesk, WJF) can now be granted the ability, on their char grid account, to post on restricted forums like the Globe and the WJF announcements. This removes the need for a GM to take a news article or WJF post and add it via the NewsDesk account.


GMs no longer need passwords to log into NPC grid accounts, as the system authenticates them via their admin session. This also makes it more secure as we don't have to reset 427 passwords when someone leaves the staff.

Justices can now log into ANY grid account including player characters, without a password. This allows us to audit issues and also test things more effectively as players (like their ability to moderate a specific forum).


Our intention is for grid accounts to be ICly hackable, meaning your account could be compromised. Imagine hacking a specific WJF account with access to the Justice Force Announcements and throwing propaganda up, or hacking an NLM Moderator account and throwing shade at another corp to affect the corpshare market.

We are moving in this direction slowly, with the tools and processes we are putting in place. The steps above make it more and more useful to hack an account, though hacking an account is not yet implemented.

(Edited by Slither at 7:04 am on 8/22/2020)


You will no longer get the 'you cannot start walking while charging' and fail to move after successfully charging at a guarded exit.

NOTE: You do still have to pass the "charge" skill/stat check, obviously.


There was a nasty little intra bank transfer that has thankfully only happened once. Basically, if you transferred money from a personal account to a business account under certain circumstances it would overwrite the business account with the wrong data (data from the personal account with the same index in the list) and that would break a bunch of stuff and also the account would be gone.

This has been fixed and the one player it affected has been sorted out.


When you transfer to a business account (which you can do with transfer to ) it will now prompt you with 'are you sure you want to transfer to business account 'blah blah'' instead of saying sic alias.