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[Bug-Fix] VS Pheromone Enhancer I
Acts like it was intended to act now.

There was some miscommunication on the creation of the script and the intended effect of the Pheromone Enhancer I.

It's supposed to make you more attractive to people, chemically, it's not intended to improve your physical appearance, etc, since this is not codedly supportable, especially when someone undergoes actual coded defects or improvements to their physical appearance.

So, I have removed appearance boosts and mentions in the script to improving skin and other physical features, I have doubled the effects to charm, to make you more likable for any given reason when people interact with you, this is a substat of charimsa and will raise it the same amount as before, without boosting appearance.

This miscommunication on the intended purpose and design of the end product is not any one person's fault, but I have fixed it, so we can go on pretending it has always been this way.


Does Charm have any palatable effect when interacting with PC's?

I understand if you can't answer because of not being allowed to know the game's mechanics and all that.

Not that I am aware of but players are supposed to use someone attractiveness since that is an overall indicator of charisma and adjust their RP if they feel it is necessary.

GMs take in account these things when appropriate, some coded functions as well, just none I suspect during PC to PC communication.

Right, so it's a nanogenic that will basically be noticed for NPCs but not PCs. Thankyou for the informative reply. :)

(Reading back that it sounds horrendously sarcastic, but it isn't, promise!)

PCs wouldn't notice most nanogenics unless you gave them a reason to do so.