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@Bug Priorities
A useful legend for legends

Bug priorities, we're asked to prioritize our @bugs but what does that really mean?

I'll be using some words here that maybe not everyone knows so here's a short glossary:

- Happy Path: In the context of software or information modeling, a happy path (sometimes called happy flow) is a default scenario featuring no exceptional or error conditions

- Main Feature: A major game system such as combat, rigging, vehicle use, and so on.

- Side Feature: A minor game system, such as chess, deathball, paydirt, or other ancillary feature.

- Blocking: For something to be blocking, it must COMPLETELY and UTTERLY prevent *any* use of that system. When something is blocking, it is a total system collapse or something capable of causing a total system collapse.

Here's a useful key for sizing up your @bug in the scheme of things:

1. Blocker - A blocker is a serious bug, the most serious of classification. Almost no bugs should ever be blockers. For a bug to be a blocker, it completely and utterly stopped you from playing the game, with no ability to do anything else. Blockers are the kinds of bugs that require you to xhelp admin to save you. These are very rare.

2. Critical - Criticals are one step below blockers. These are "main feature" blockers (like combat), and a blocker on an expected happy path use case of a feature. In other words, a major game system experienced a bug that prevented its use / further interaction, but it did not stop you from playing the game entirely. This also includes exploits in any game system.

3. Major - A major bug is a blocking issue on the happy path encountered on a "side feature" game system. Also in this class are non-blocking features on main feature game systems.

4. Minor - A minor bug is a non-blocking issue in any game system, that is inconvenient and causes some pain, but can otherwise be worked around. This can also be non-happy path edge case bugs.

5. Trivial - A trivial bug is one that causes misinformation, is minorly inconvenient, or just annoying.

6. One Day - Lower than trivial, these bugs are so minor that they could go on existing and have almost no impact to the game systems or play experience.

I hope that helps with bug priority selection! Reading through this and adhering to these standards helps coder staff understand quickly at a glance the priority of bugs to fix (and helps us save time so we don't have to re-prioritize bugs).