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Oh the possibilites

Gone are the days where being in spectacular condition prevented you from truly convincing someone you were really a new immigrant after getting a name change.

Gone are the days where wearing a shroud was a moot point because your health tag gave you away as uber.

Gone are the days where sparring with a newb always resulted in you winning.

Gone are the days where your combat prowess gave away who you were when you didn't want it too.

Gone are the days where you couldn't properly RP being weaker then you truly are.

Gone are the days where you were incapable of properly RPing an injury.

Kaizer Sose would be proud.

I give you @holdback. �It allows you to holdback a percentage of your stats (between 0 and 60 percent).


If I find that 60% is to much or to little, it will be tuned. �Your feedback is requested. �


Warning. �This verb has serious potential to do harm to your character if you forget its on and get into a fight, take drugs, pds out, and a variety of other things. � Be very careful using it and don't bitch if you fuck yourself up.


help @Holdback for more details.

This is an awesome fucking thing, and something tossed about for ages.   I havn't tried it yet for alot of reasons, but I have  two questions.

#1  If you have a assload of cyberware, then @holdback, is it possible that you can develop PDS while holding back?   I think that that's something that should be outside of your physical control and not happen.

#2  If you @holdback could you forget some stuff you've "remembered" ?   I think that that's something that should also be not effected, just IMHO I guess.    

Once again frickin nice.  I think that tho this won't be used a ton, it's a hugely valueable RP tool.

Jotun - Holding back does effect your PDS.  It's unfourtunate but that's the way it is.

As for memory, I revamped memory a bit awhile back when I was forgetting stuff due to drugs.  (which work the same way as @Holdback).  You shouldn't forget things but if you do please file an @Bug.