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[January 2019] Bug Fixes & Updates
Changelog for January 2019


I've made some improvements to our help index. You've always been able to type 'help gen-index' to get most of the help files and 'help full-index' to see all the help files across the different help databases.

1. They are now columnized better

2. Each line alternates in colors

3. Help files that are aliases for other help files show [forwards to XXX] after their name.

If you are using a screen reader, I am interested to hear your thoughts on if this additional information is spammy, or if it is helpful. As that will help me to understand if we need to incorporate some alternate views based on accessibility flags.

-- S


Dual-wielding will now give you a penalty, no effect or a bonus to parrying depending on your skill with your secondary weapon for a given combat round and your combat posture. It used to give a penalty across the board. This will be a trade-off between risking more gear and getting a bonus for using it, if you master your weapons.

Does this apply when using two different weapons too or only two weapons of the same combat style?
It applies to any time you are dual wielding regardless of the weapon.

You can no longer hand a live grenade to someone. If the pin hasn't been pulled you can hand it normally. You can still attempt to plant a live grenade on someone else.


My dispatcher code wasn't checking if the player driving the taxi had already reached the earnings cap for automated jobs for the week. I have updated it so that it won't send NPC taxi jobs to folks already at the earnings cap.