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[July '22] Improvements Feedback
feedback here

Here goes feedback.

A new photographic scanner module has been added for e-notes that can be attached to them. This enables the usage of the new scan [photo] with [e-note] command.

Scanning a photo will destroy it physically, but encode it into a file that can be shared and viewed with e-notes.

This has been ret-conned into existence, and has always existed IC. Enjoy.

I would find out IC, but since this is explicitly a retcon: does the e-scanner preserve detail in the same way a photo does? Is there a way of accessing someone's description from a scanned group photo for example.
No because I can't figure out how to code that.
In order to more easily share photos in electronic format via e-memory module, I wonder if there could be a 'copy and paste' command for the filesystems where you can copy and paste a file or photo to another e-memory module, while still keeping the file in its initial e-memory module.
Also, I wonder if it is codedly possible to decrease the amount of e-memory that photos take up, while still keeping the ability to see details in the scanned photos? I guess the term for this would be "compress"? I was excited to start scanning my photo collection into a large e-memory module but it's pretty difficult when a single photo of a crowded bar takes up 113945u.