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[July '22] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling update thread for July 22


We have migrated to a new notes system. This system is faster and scales better. It also opens up awesome opportunities for GMs to be able to more easily search, summarize, and flag notes for the future.

Right now the system works, hopefully, exactly as the old system did. But the migration is done and we only crashed the moo a few times in the process. Hopefully no more crashes.

Thanks to Johnny and Mirage who helped with this. This has been a LONG time coming. I think we've been working on this off and on for... 8 years or so. It took a lot of varying work coming together to make this happen.

Why, you might ask, should you care?

Well, the more notes that were added in the old system, the slower it got. There were 110,000 notes across admin and players. And every time someone typed @notes it had to iterate through all of them to get the 25-100 notes that we actually wanted to display. New system handles it much better. We will also be able to do things like sticky notes, so NPCs have a consistent note about how to play them or their personality quirks that GMs can update / add to over time. Or we can sticky big plot notes. Or summarize them. Things like that.

Those features aren't coded yet but they will be.


A new photographic scanner module has been added for e-notes that can be attached to them. This enables the usage of the new scan [photo] with [e-note] command.

Scanning a photo will destroy it physically, but encode it into a file that can be shared and viewed with e-notes.

This has been ret-conned into existence, and has always existed IC. Enjoy.

It is now possible to look at details in photos scanned by the e-note scanner.


There is a new type of dice that works with the roll with dice format (for example, rolls 5d20 with dice). You can also conceal/unconceal, peek and reveal your rolls for subterfuge-based games.


Got a lot of notes you've left over the years? Thought they were gone because you added so many new ones that you couldn't see your old ones in @notes anymore? Think again! They were always there. With SQL, you now have access to them. Just use @paged-notes.


Characters now correctly serialize their descriptions so they have them inside of SimSense.

You now get the room description when loading into a simsense experience normally.

Looking at things no longer saves that as a message in simsense. Looking at things while recording now create an ultra-light keyframe that just saves what you were looking at. It also 'debounces', so if you look at the same thing five times in rapid succession, it will only save that you looked at something once.

By default, when you play back experiences, you will get a notification that "your eyes focus on X" to show that the recording player looked at something. I may add an option in simsense for it to then look at that thing automatically for you. This makes the experiences a bit less bloaty, and increases the amount of time you can record.


Should now show when you look at an e-note. Unless I broke it.

ADMIN COMMANDS: @pin-note / @unpin-note / @pinned-notes

These are admin commands, but sharing here because it is going to make keeping track of stuff much easier for admin. They now have the ability to pin/unpin notes, so they will always show up when checking recent @notes. Good for tracking plots, and for leaving important info on NPCs / players.


The 'View Vehicle' option has been broken since we migrated to SQL based notes. I believe I've fixed it, but I need whose vehicle has ended up in a junkyard to fully verify its really fixed. If you know your vehicle has been junked, hit up one of the vehicle terminals to test this for us.

ADMIN COMMANDS: @search-notes / @summarize-notes / @delete-note / @edit-note / Colorized Tags

Admin can now more easily search notes, summarize multiple notes into a super note, delete notes, and edit notes. The tags each note gets such as OOC or NLM or YAKS are now colorized consistently making it easy to peruse. This should make keeping track of things easier, and cleaner, and make the admin as a whole more efficient!


I've made some improvements based on player feedback to how TV shows are edited at NLM. First and foremost, the 'edit' command now accepts a second argument which can be a name or partial name of the show you want to edit. This allows you to avoid listing 400+ shows available for editing. IE: 'edit Juicy' to list only juicy vee shows to edit.

The timestamp editor has gotten some improvements, now allowing you to raw edit the timestamps instead of setting the timestamps to 'slow' 'medium' and 'fast' which determine how quickly messages show up from a shows content.

It also shows how long a show is in seconds, with a warning to keep it under 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

I've also added the edit/restore/@fabricate commands to the rooms examine me.


Your sets of Liar's Dice now come in random colors. Just take a look at them or play with them to see which of 15 colors you've randomly been given.

Thanks to Kronos!

It's been a while since I've done an update so here's mine:


Major Arcana and Minor Arcana decks have been added to the game world. Find them in character and read the future and present. Enjoy!