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[June '20] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling thread of updates from June 2020


Wearing certain disguise items while sleazing will cause your sleaze attempts to fail.


There is now an Agent+ service request option when you need to speak with an Agent (high permissions admin). Mostly useful for Admin requesting other admin to do things they don't have coded permissions to do.


Jira was out of disk space. I resolved this. You should be able to submit bugs again.


The admin rules reminder will now display 2 times at 1 week of playing and 2 more times at 1 month of playing. Hopefully this better informs people about these rules!


There was an uncleaned up exit here breaking some visuals (like exits) in the main market room. It has been resolved.


Players who are able to tow vehicles using a tow truck have a lot of power to avoid skill checks and such around stealing vehicles. To offset this, we require these players to xhelp and make sure a GM signs off on what is happening. This can cause interruptions int he scene but is needed so that someone doesn't do something game breaking just because they can (like tow all the cars in the game to a locked garage).

I've added a confirmation to the tow command which asks the player to state they xhelped and got permission to make sure folx are doing it.


'help stats' and 'help skills' have been updated for greater clarity regarding how to rough size stats and skills. Keep in mind that most everything involves stats and skill so consider both when trying to decide how 'good' you RP your character to be. It's generally safest to limit yourself to the lowest stat or skill that might apply to the RP.


1. TERRA gear has always been made of a smart fabric type stuff that tightens when you wear it. Now, it remains tight and wont let a person wear it unless they are TERRA. This goes for the boots, the jumpsuit, and the gloves.

2. The markets will no longer buy TERRA gear. The same way they won't buy WJF gear.

This should reduce the number of people farming TERRA agents (especially player agents) for their gear and selling it to the markets.

These changes have been made because the consensus (one I have felt for a while) is that TERRA, even when played smart, has a target on their back because they are walking around with 50-75k worth of gear and they are often newbies or close to newbies making them easy targets. We don't want them targeted because of their gear. At least not to the high degree they were-- as it seemed to me like it was unfun levels of no RP killings just for the sake of easy farming and the easy excuse of 'i am a mixer and i hate the law and terra is the law'.

-- S


Fixed a bug in membership grants where if we manually applied the membership previously and didn't add the expiry time to the key, a new membership grant would apply from the previous expiry date, since the key wasn't deleted. Should save time for these cases (though they are seldom).