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[June '21] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Climbing the incline of progress no matter the inclination.


Has been patched out of the game, as it was an oversight. It's no longer possible to force-feed your robot or make them OD on drugs.


Have been fixed. Newer versions of packaged robot boxes that had both a controller and a robot were recently broken by an oversight that made it so the controller was not linked to the robot by default.

If you bought a pre-boxed robot and are having this issue, xhelp to have your robot fixed, as it is not retroactive.


/color eye now has an option for rainbow eyes!


In that they actually end PDS episodes, instead of just saying they do. Enjoy tranquility.

I haven't posted in one of these threads for a bit so here's my addition:

Order Kiosks Messaging Fixed

Y'know when you bought material, or a ticket, or a cyberwar and it'd tell you that an order kiosk fell from its place into the order kiosk. That's fixed.

I say fixed, but really all I did was cheat and change the message because sub's are incredibly infuriating :)

Also fixed a bunch of other typo's so thanks for sending those in. Keep doing so wif teh @typo cummand plox ty thnx k bai


Updated help search and help hide to account for the new 'search behind syntax' which was confusing people. You're welcome, Johnny :)

MRC Cook time

The length of time it takes to cook Marcy has been increased. The amount of it flowing into the game was not sustainable, and was creating massive hoards of Marcy. This change aims to begin to fix that.

We will be keeping an eye on the value of it, and will adjust as needed to take into account decreased supply.


Another successful cleanup day! We did a LOT. Here are some stats that cover only some of the work:

Size of MOO at Cleanup Start: Sindome is currently: 154.816337585449 megs.

Objects in Market at Cleanup Start: 3831

Objects at Cleanup Start: 83390

Items in $recycling_bin at Start: 329

Size of MOO At Cleanup Finish: 148.622246742249 megs. [-6.19 megs]

Objects in Market at Cleanup Finish: 3776 (-55)

Objects upon Completion: 81948 (-1442)

Items in $recycling_bin at Start: 267 (-62)

There was a ton of other stuff that got done. Thanks to all the admin and players who helped!

-- S