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@karma and @good-answer
Give some karma for good game-help answers!

Hey Everyone -

In the interest of promoting better answers on Game-Help, I've added a karma system to the chat that lets you grant someone karma if they take the time to give a really good answer to a question on Game-Help.

You can check your karma with @karma and you can grant someone karma with @good-answer. Giving someone karma does not reduce your karma. It's just a way of showing that you thought someone was really cool for taking the time to give a thought out answer to a new player (or long time player, we have questions too) question.

Over time I may evolve this system a bit, it's still in the early stages currently. Maybe show a title instead of a karma point value.

'help karma' for more info!

Thoughts / questions?

-- S

I've made it so you get an OOC notification when granted karma, so you know you done good. However, I've capped it at 1 notification per 5 minute period, so you won't get spammed.
Hey Folks -

It's been a month. Interested in hearing what people think about the karma system so far.

-- S

We need to overthrow Villa and that obscene amount of karma.

Nah it's a great system that rewards helping players :)

I like it, it's a nice little incentive for people and it's nice to get that little bump when you answer something for someone. I've seen a big upswing in the way to community responds to questions, before and after this change, especially as it pertains to new people asking questions. Really proud of y'all!
I'll definitely second JMo on this. Responses on xgame have become a lot more comprehensive since @karma was added, and the community seems more welcoming to questions, in general. I think this was a super-positive change.
Good. I'm glad. I've been giving out digital copies of Snow Crash to the folks with the highest Karma. So these efforts don't go unrewarded. Can't promise we'll always do that, but like, I wanted to reward the top folks.

I've also been doing this for the people with like 300-900 clothings reviewed in @cloth-cleanup.

Thanks everyone for your hard work.

-- S