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[Major] Updates to reroll UE
A major update to the amount of UE you get when rerolling

How it was

Previously when you rerolled, you would get 6% of the current characters UE to use for your new character.

That meant a maximum of 172UE if you were Max UE when you permed.

How it is now

Now, when you re-roll you will get 10% of the total UE you have accumulated across all characters you have played.

This is capped at 330ue total.

Why the change?

We have heard the feedback that when a versed player rerolls on a new character, the progression can seem like a pretty large grind and that this is preventing people from considering rerolling because it means it will be months before they can do much on their new character and feel like they can make an impact in a job/faction/plot/whatever.

We do not want to eliminate the 'new character experience' but we do want to make it easier for folx who have been playing the game for a while to both re-roll and have an impact on their new character based on their stats/skills.

Can I spend all the UE right away?

Nope, you are still restricted to the 20ue a day cap. That means your character will develop over the first several weeks in the game based on the UE you spend. We think this is important, as characters often come in thinking direction A, but due to RP, they end up in direction B. We want to support that.

Is this retroactive for people who have played for a while?

Yes, but it is not exact. For anyone on their first character, we know exactly how much UE you've spent. However we don't have that historical data for people who are on their 2nd, 3rd, or 20th characters. That means we estimated how much UE each person gained based on the lifetime of the account before your current character. It may not be exact, but it should be decently accurate.

How does this accumulate?

When your character perms, we sum up the total UE you have gained on the current character, subtract 380ue (essentially what you got from chargen + first few days in game) and add that (or 0) to the total UE your account accumulated over its lifetime.

Then we give you 10% of that for your new character (capped at 330ue).

How does this incentivize older characters to reroll?

For starters, If you are max ue, you are not accumulating UE. It is not possible to reach the maximum of 330 carryover UE from playing a single max UE character.

Secondly, we are better incentivizing people to reroll when their story is over by making it easier to jump into the RP with a character that has more than just chargen stats/skills.

Thirdly, we are no longer incentivizing people to wait until they are max UE to reroll so they get the maximum amount carried over to their next character, since it will be based on total accumulation over the lifetime of the account and not just the previous character.

Players who play a character for a few months, a few years, or a few decades will be rewarded equally under the new system, and the reward will be cumulative.

Does this apply to vacation characters

You cannot carry over UE from your main to your vacation, but your vacation will begin accumulating their own UE and if they re-roll they will get the bonus.

I just died before you rolled out this change, can I benefit from this adjustment?

Nope, sorry, but next time you re-roll you will!

Does this count for reaped people returning?

Nope. Sorry.

Feedback / Questions

If you have feedback or questions, the thread is open!

(Edited by Slither at 6:15 pm on 3/3/2022)

I have to imagine this might ease things at least a little bit for characters whose players might otherwise want to try something new. I'll be curious to see if that's true!
Just curious with how this works with vacations- does this mean you can't stick with a vacation character past 6 months or you lose the accumulated holdover UE from the other profile?
With vacation bits you would just end up with two profiles that have different holdover ue amounts.
I was told by staff that the original bit would be reaped if you stuck with the vacation character past 6 months, rather than having two bits; hence my worry about losing multiple characters worth of holdover UE.
That is correct. I mean while running the vacation bit.
Damn, I had no idea about this. I got a semi-recent character I was actually gonna roll with for real and now this pops. Feel like I should've waited a month making this character.
Thank sweet baby cyberpunk Jesus and the staff, I love it. <3
Love this update tho srsly