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[Major Update] BGBB Tools
Locking, Pinning, Admin Editing!


It is now possible for admin to lock/unlock posts. This will be useful for threads like this where we want to keep it admin only. It is also useful when a thread goes off the rails and needs to be finished.


We can now pin posts! I'll be going through and pinning some relevant posts. I'll also pin posts like this each month and unpin them when the month is over.


There are now glyphs on any locked or pinned posts both on the thread listing page and on the BGBB thread itself to represent if a post is locked or pinned.

Both of these new features (along with editing posts) come with the potential for bugs, so if you see something, let me know via xhelp.

Pinned posts are always showing as the last thing posted on the main BGBB menu. I specifically tested this by posting to the character soundtracks thread to see if that would bump it over the How to BGBB thread and it did not.
Yep, I'm working on this now!

This has been resolved, and should show the proper most recent thread now.


We weren't handling formatting on edit, that is fixed.


This is a soft delete of a post that an admin can do. The post is still there but it will no longer be shown to anyone but admin.

This is a fantastic change.

One quick question, though. Will we ever have the ability to self-edit posts?