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[March '20] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling thread of updates from March 2020


I'm not sure how this escaped notice for as long as it did, but the bounty collection room would not allow 'combat' in it, due to having a 'recombination tank'. This has been corrected and the bounty collection room is no longer safe from combat, and it never should have been.


I've added a reminder pointing to 'help admin' which will be shown after 1 month in the game. This points to the admin rules, so that folks are fully aware of what additional rules admin are under.


I've added a new command for GMs to more easily calculate the quotes they provide to fixers. This smooths out the rough edges of this process, better standardizes it, and makes it much faster for GMs. It includes things like 'should this cost more because it is illegal' and 'what kind of discount is the fixer getting'.


I've also added a new command for GMs to more easily calculate the quote for fixing a vehicle via an NPC. You can assume the price you've been paying is going to change. I will adjust this command based on feedback from the staff. In general it was a huge hassle to calculate the repair costs, this simplifies it and takes into account things like the sector the repair is being done it.


When a GM cashes out a register for one reason or another, at a player owned business (like if they are turning over the lease) there was a bug where the player who was currently being paid the weekly profits, even if they weren't in the room, would be paid that profit. This is resolved so only the lease holder requesting the money in the register will give them the weekly profits.


There was a small issue with one of our verbs for stripping xterm tags that was running out of ticks during scheduled tasks. This was causing things to fall off our scheduler. It has been resolved.


Admin receive mail when someone dies, they will now receive it when someone is resus'd as well. Good for tracking who may or may not be breaking the ganger code and things like that.


I've implemented a new handler verb for when tasks run out of ticks from the $scheduler, this should help us track down things like TV stopping for one reason or another.


I think I have tracked down the lingering issue with wig/lens crafting breaking and resolved it. If it continues, please let me know.


I've created a new set of verbs that let a builder or GM better view the current status of an NPC, and configure them more appropriately. It can be overridden on children, meaning we can have a special verb for bartenders that makes sure they are set up correctly, or other special NPCs, while also allowing the generic config to run as well.


We had a bug where, if you were riding a motorcycle then accidentally unmounted a motorcycle in the same room that you were not riding, it would let you walk off and a ghost rider would remain making the motorcycle unusable. This is now fixed and you will be told that you can't dismount a motorcycle you are not on.


Size of MOO at Cleanup Start => 131.18 megs

Objects in Market at Cleanup Start => 2926

Objects at Cleanup Start => 73111

Size of MOO At Cleanup Finish => 130.09 megs (-1.09mb)

Objects in Market at Cleanup Fin => 2866 (-60)

Objects upon Cleanup Fin => 72264 (-847)

- We cleaned up our bits, our homes, and others bits and homes.

- We cleared out puppet and service requests

- We reviewed and updated SIC and TV ads

- We cleaned out drugs from a number of places

- We identified 75% of vehicles owned by dead players and towed them for auction

- We cleaned up the recycling bin & the recycling chute

- We pushed players to update their @Nakeds and @description

- We reviewed all NPCs look places

- We reviewed all NPCs chyen

- We reviewed all NPCs inventory

- We reviewed NPC auto payments

- We reviewed all employed PCs for those that should be fired

- We reviewed all NPC / business owned vehicles and made sure only the proper people were auth'd

- We checked all factions to make sure the right people were members and removed those that shouldn't be

- We recycled all the resumes on resume taking NPCs

- We cleaned up all alumni admin bits of the random crap they had on them

- We organized all our generics that had been added since the last clean up day

- We updated our @who tips

- We updated the Sindome Credits

- We did a bunch of other odds and ends!

Thank you all for the help everyone!


These were spawing far less often than we wanted due to how often NPCs were retiring-- I've resolved it and these should be happening more often.


There is now an in character guide which new players will be able to get when the arrive in the city. This guide strives to point them to important stuff early in their journey and help them get acclimated to the city. It is designed to be a companion to the Immy Greeter role, something they can point Immy's to, and a stand in for immy greeters when they are not around. Only new immies can get it to prevent bloat.

Thanks to Hale for writing it, and all the GMs and Admin for their edits, and to Johnny for taking the better part of a day formatting it so it looks great.


This was the most requested missing help file by a long shot. I've created a help file that covers what I think people were probably looking for. If you can think of other use cases that I missed, please add your thoughts in the feedback thread.


I have updated the code so that taxis should better unlock when they arrive after being called. Keep in mind that JUST BECAUSE a taxi is sitting in a location, does not mean it has an NPC in it ready to take you where you need to go. There are player taxis out there.

If this issue persists PLEASE @bug it.


In order to prevent bloat, we've made it so Surviving Withmore (and the Book of Law) will now automatically close to reduce the amount of data in active memory. If you've found yourself a copy of either and previous had it open, but when you connected (after this post) and its closed now, it closed on its own.

The MOO is an in-memory database, with all code and active game content loaded into the server's RAM. Objects like books, that contain a lot of static information, are designed to work with files stored on the hard drive, only loading the information from disk when you open the book. If the book has multiple chapters, only one chapter is loaded into the MOO at a time. Closing the book will clear the information loaded from disk from the server's RAM, freeing up that resource and helping keep the game nice and slim.


@review-cloth now shows what kind of material a piece of clothing was originally made from so reviewers can weed out things that don't make sense. Please remember to always make items out of appropriate material!