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[March '23] Improvements & Bug Fixes
Rolling thread of updates for March 2023


This option is gated behind a disguise skill check. If your 'ht me' shows something above 'excellent' such as 'spectacular' you can now use 'appear weaker' to drop your health message. This works in a similar way to @holdback, but it does not affect your stats.

New feature, so if you encounter weirdness be sure to @bug it.


A head / face naked is now required if you want to be able to disguise up. If you do not have head / face set, you will get an OOC message saying you did NOT get disguised, and telling you to set one of these nakeds.


If your disguise fully drops, the movement that causes it to drop is going to temporarily dislodge any disguise you're wearing and expose your face/head/eyes. Anyone in the room will see this. They can then use it to identify you.


If your disguise completely fails due to movement / whatever, you will now get a message telling you that your movements have caused your disguise to fail and exposed your head/face/eyes for a moment.

I was on the fence about adding this, because I think it's fun not knowing if your disguise has failed, but without this message everyone is going to think they are being meta'd when someone IDs them because their disguise slips and that's not something I want the GMs to have to deal with, so, it's there for now. Might reconsider it in the future. Not sure.


Only one specific combat action was reducing disguise (attack). I have made this action reduce 2 points of disguise instead of 1. I've also updated a number of other 'combat' type actions to reduce disguise as well. These include grappling/being grappled, struggling in cuffs, failing to attack cause your weapon is empty. This should make combat, overall, more difficult to stay disguised during, thus making the Disguise Skill, and layering of disguises more important if you want to stay disguised longer.


Clothing, including disguise items like wigs and such, take damage and possibly are destroyed when they have too much damage. How much damage an item can take is based on how many nakeds it covers, thus things like a shroud can take a lot of damage, but a wig can take only a little as it covers one naked. I've doubled the lowest amount of damage an item can take (from 5 to 10). I think this should make things like wigs last longer. Please provide feedback on your experience from here on out.


Shrouds/ponchos now have heavier stat penalties. Previously they were affecting perception and charisma. I've upped the charisma penalty, and added a fairly stiff agility penalty, cause moving in one of those things must be tough.

Given all the disguise changes-- I'm going to stop here and let people experiment with the new meta. Please provide feedback in the feedback thread.


I've bumped up the amount of 'disguise' you get from wigs and contacts, which makes them more effective. Previously they had a x2 multiplier. Now they have an x3 multiplier. That puts a wig OR contacts on par with shrouds/ponchos in terms of how much 'disguise' they offer from a system perspective.

(Edited by Slither at 7:55 am on 3/2/2023)


I've changed the message when you hold a macguffin from talking about your DNA and such to this: The %t % and %, letting %N know an anonymized biological fingerprint has been recorded for payout purposes.

Hopefully this reduces anxiety about them.


This command will show you your past characters that have permed, and the date they permed. This is useful if you need to know how long ago a character died since our rules now state that you can discuss who you played publicly if it has been 3 years since they permed.


This list is NOT all inclusive. It looks like the way we were tracking this was not working 100% of the time so there are definitely characters missing from the list. I have resolved the issue, and anyone perming from now on should be accurately tracked. I had to backfill the past characters from a semi-incomplete list, which is why all your characters may not show up here. If you really need to know when a character died you can put in a service request and ask us to try to find it, but please do this sparingly as it involves reading through notes. Better for you to use your own @paged-notes to try to figure out when the last note was to determine when they died.


There is a type of NPC that will consistently speak from a set of things they have to say (Tater outside his place of business for example). These NPCs were managing their own messaging and queues and at times they were breaking and no one was noticing for... a long time.

I've re-coded the way they work so they are centrally managed using the $scheduler, and that will make them more resilient to any issues they encounter. This also makes them more easy to configure and run, as simply adding an NPC of the right type and setting the right props will cause them to start talking.

(Edited by Slither at 9:44 am on 3/3/2023)


We have a few NPCs like Tater and Jayson that will spout stuff in a loop over the course of several minutes or hours. It's cool, adds nuance to the game, especially if you're just passing them occasionally.

However, one of my annoyances as a player is how stale content can get if you witness it often. Even with 1000+ random SIC messages in our database, many with substitutions, if you play long enough you start to see the same ones over and over. The same can be said for NPCs that have set content that they spout over and over.

We've taken a step today, to freshen that up.

There is a new NPC on Red which is essentially a maniac street preacher for Eternalism. Instead of writing the content this preacher will say, we've generated some detailed prompts for ChatGPT, with context about the city and Eternalism, and asked ChatGPT to generate the content for us.

We've taken this a step further by creating a suite of tools (still in development and getting better daily) that let us make requests to the ChatGPT API from the MOO and get a response in a format the MOO can easily parse.

The new street preacher NPC is the first of its kind, and the things it says will be regenerated weekly based on the prompts we've created. Thus keeping the content fresh without taxing our builders or content writers. And we can tweak the prompt over time, add more context, etc, in an automated fashsion, as we develop more of out GPT Utilities.

(Edited by Slither at 10:31 am on 3/3/2023)


Okay, first, the code for these things is a mess. It's utterly and completely confusing. We've bolted a lot of stuff on here over the years and honestly, the whole system needs to be overhauled so that it is a lot more clean. That being said...

I spent the past few hours digging into some issues with people getting reinfected after being fully cured. I think I have resolved this issue and everyone who had an infection that shouldn't have happened because they were already inoculated against it, has automatically cured.

I've also discovered that even if you were 'curing' or 'cured' of something, the code that was spreading the virus was still running, which is why some people were not showing symptoms but still infecting others. I believe I have resolved this issue too.

I also discovered that there doesn't seem to be any check to see if someone is fully inoculated against an infection, before we reinfect them-- I am not sure if this is intended or not, doesn't seem intended... but reached out to Johnny to get his thoughts on it. After I hear back I can add those checks in if we need to fix that. Either way, if you do get infected with something you're fully inoculated against, it should be auto cured, and you shouldn't infect anyone else.

EDIT: Only people who are online will be auto-cured, for those that aren't online, when you get online and the infection code runs (every 15-30 minutes) it should auto cure you at that point.

(Edited by Slither at 12:21 pm on 3/3/2023)


I've given banishment robes stat penalties when worn. They differ a bit from the one I applied to ponchos.


I updated the code here after noticing that we were incrementing the messages sent tracker up at the top of the verb, before it checked if the message was valid. It now happens after the checks for if the message and number are valid. This was probably not happening a ton, but it's been fixed either way.


When you view a new or old message, you will have the option to reply to it directly. This should make texting easier and involve less dealing with menus.


One of the guest accounts was dead. Not sure how. They are alive now.


Guests who decide to 'tour' will now start in the Drome. This is a better spot than The Edge. Not sure why they were starting there.


I moved got killed/killed someone toward the end of the list as these aren't as heavily used.


If you are painting something and use %(257) or another number over 256 or any number below 1, it will just render the text as normal, and no longer throw a traceback.


The weapons checks work the same as any container, if you put an item in it, it will be the 'first' and if you put a second item of the same type in it, it will be the second. Thus is you do 'get first katana from weapon' it runs the check to see if that is YOUR weapon that YOU put in. If you put the second katana in, you need to use 'get second katana from weapon' to get YOUR item out. Otherwise it won't let you.

I've added an OOC message mentioning this if you fail to get an item out.


Some vehicles have descriptions that are a string, some are a list. This wasn't taken into account with capture of photos of vehicles. I've fixed this and they should capture correctly in either scenario now.


I have removed the View Your Bugs menu item from the website and disabled all the /bugs routes as we manage this within the MOO now.

Brass Knuckles Combat Messages

You no longer narrowly avoid your own savage attack when missing someone with brass knuckles.

Get gud, stop missing.


I've created a new newsie NPC, similar to the street preacher, but they speak about recent headlines from the Withmore Globe, in hopes of getting people to check out the paper. They are using ChatGPT to generate summaries of News Articles that have been posted on the Grid in the WIthmore Globe. Their content will update each week automatically.


Everyone on staff now has access to the @GPT command which opens a menu-like system that lets you feed knowledge to ChatGPT about certain aspects of Withmore (such as its lore, the corporations, SIC comms, NPC facts, etc). This can be used for brainstorming or ideas, for example:

- What would NPC X say to announce a job opening?

- What plots can I do where the Badlands get nuked by a foreign force?

- Give me a day-by-day narration of the events that would lead to the assassination of the Chief Justice.

These settings can be saved and shared for others to use, and it includes a CRUD for those operations.

The same prompt packages can be used by other automated systems we might work on, so it's pretty dynamic and modular!


There was a bug related to the spawn location of a specific kind of MacGuffin that led to tracebacks. This should be resolved now.


There are a variety of chatter streams that different NPCs can subscribe to. One of these is "MIX GENERAL" which is where rumors get put. These are either submitted by players or added by GMs.

One of the biggest issues I had with this system is that every NPC responds with the exact same chatter message. For example:

If the chatter is "I hear that Seven Ecks and Juicy Vee are dating."

If you ask 3 different bartenders, they all say exactly the same thing.

Well, no more! I've integrated MIX GENERAL (just this for now while I see how it goes) with ChatGPT, and we feed it the rumor + context about the NPC (such as their facts and how they talk) and they will come up with their own interpretation of the rumor and tell it. That means that asking different NPCs will render slightly different results. However, each NPC tracks what they've said for a specific rumor and will give the same result to each person who asks.

So for example, if 3 different people ask Rychek for chatter, they will all get the same result. But if they then go to another NPC, they'll get a slightly different take on it.

For NPCs that have facts about how they talk, ChatGPT will even interject some of that into the response.

This should go a long way toward making chatter a bit more conversational and less repetitive.

If ChatGPT isn't available, it'll just default to the chatter message with no modifications, which makes the system more resilient to issues.

As always, this is a totally BETA feature and if you get weird responses, please @bug them so I can tweak the prompt to make it better.


There was a critical bug with the get_sniper_aim verb that led to some players being stuck in a traceback loop. This has been resolved now.


I've added three new drinks to the game for various bars based on drink/seasonal drink request RP.


I've added several help file forwarders to help people find things easier. Things like bug -> @bug


I've updated the final message a player gets when going on a vacation to point them to the email they should have gotten with new character login details as it was unclear what the next steps were previously.


I've gone ahead and integrated most of the chatter streams with ChatGPT. This means that the responses you get from NPCs will be a bit more flavorful and conversational and less repetitive. It's not perfect so please report any issues via @bug.


I broke NPCs shrouding up to mimic disguises when I updated the code to make it require a face naked, as not all NPCs have this. NPCs are excluded now and will disguise up properly.


Was released without a description. Has one now.


These weighed way too much. Like 2 pounds. I have made them weight ~100 grams.


I've resolved (hopefully) an issue with certain doors where you'd see the wrong direction show when a door was unlocked/opened/locked/closed. So where you should have seen west you would see east. The example of this was Nakatomi. It was easy to miss but someone spotted and @bugged it. I dug into the code and it was probably happening in other places. I'm hoping my fix doesn't cause other issues but if you encounter any please @bug.


Seems like it was possible to generate a negative number during vehicles stalling that would cause a call to `suspend` with a negative number which caused a TB. I've added a `max` call around delay to prevent negative numbers entering suspend. This should hopefully resolve the issue.


This was outdated due to rules changes and has been updated.


I typoed like a baka and broke disguise with my earlier fix. It should be resolved now.


I've gone through the 100+ verbs that show up in player examine me, as well as the verbs that those verbs call, and updated all of the non-visual ones to no longer show information through a transcoder eye.

This doesn't just include the OOC verbs that start with @. It includes IC verbs as well like 'addressing' and 'style' and other things of that nature.

I doubt I've gotten everything, but I've touched 100+ verbs at least and updated all of them. If you see issues or wonkiness as a result of my changes (its possible I typoed in some random verb like @history) please @bug it.


There was a bug where flyers that were printed out defaulted to the 'back.' This has been fixed and now they default to the front.


I've worked with a player and updated like 25+ more verbs that were showing that shouldn't have been. I think we have gotten 99% of the verbs that show info to anyone watching a transcoder that they shouldn't see. Some stuff will probably not be resolved, like the messages you get during a cyber install or the drug experience messages, but those are generic enough that they aren't revealing OOC info.

I think we have these in a pretty good place! Please do report any commands I missed via @bug.


While going through all the commands that might need to be excluded from transcoder eyes I found a bunch that were not in examine me. I've updated the examine me for players to include these commands.


We have reviewed by hand the price of each cybernetic in the game. This is the .value of the cyberware, before any discounts or markups you might get buying from cyber dispensary or as a person buying from a clinic.

We've reduced the price of a number of cybernetics, which should make it possible for a single person to buy the same amount of cyber for less money, or more cyber probably still for less money. We're doing this because we recognize that the cost of dying is extremely high and that may be leading to some people not wanting to take risks. Also it's leading to a bit of inflation, where runners and folx like that are charging 5-10k for a pizza slice delivery, which let's be honest, is a little absurd.

On top of reviewing all of the cyberware, we've also reviewed each clinic, as clinics markup various cyberware. We've reduce and capped the markup across the board, based on level. This means that a cyber doc may make less money per transaction, but will hopefully have more or larger orders/transactions to offset that.

We aren't running a plot for this, the cyberware prices have just fluctuated ICly due to supply and demand, and you can treat that ICly.

Cyber-weapons were left mostly untouched pricing wise, as they are pretty in line with their non-cyber counterparts, however we plan on doing a price balance pass on those as well in the future.


At the request of a builder, I have created a prompt that helps builders brainstorm room descriptions. It teaches the AI how Sindome formats its room descriptions.


I fixed the message as it was using swallowing where it should have said swallow.


I've updated the code so that the last use of a drug does not result in a feed message that says 'nothing' or 'recyclable' instead of the name of the drug that was used.


A bunch of spraypaint cans had a broken description that had leaked color codes into it. I've resolved all of these.


Not sure why we had 'black' as a color for spraypaint as it was unreadable. I have removed this as an option and updated all existing black cans to be silver.


Updated to show we are running ToastStunt, and not LambdaMOO.


If you request a crate when someone is already requesting a crate you get a message saying the NPC doesn't hear you as they are doing something else.

1. I updated this message

2. I made this message end the execution of the command, as before it would say that and then still continue, which was not intended, and caused duplicate messages.


This was set up incorrectly and was installing into the right ear. I think this may have been the cause of some other bugs where the messaging was incorrect when you looked at someone. This has been fixed for NEW cyberware, but anyone with it installed may need to get a rip and reinstall for it to fully resolve. If you have some weirdness here you can put in a service request for me and I'll see if I can't hack a resolution in.


These were not carrying over when loaded/unloaded them. I've fixed this. If you have one slotted, or slotted/unslotted, you should label it again, as I can't fix this retroactively.


Just following up here from my post last month about fixing all broken e-mems. I've run my code again in view mode and have seen no additional broken e-mem modules (ones without file systems), so I'm hoping that means we have fixed that issue for good.


Previously the auth command on motorcycles only granted a subset of permissions which didn't include towing. I've updated auth to grant ALL permissions to someone if they are authed on a bike. The reason for this is that unlike the in-vehicle authorization, the verb can't be called like 'auth joe for towing' because the verb is on the bike, and you aren't inside the bike the same way you would be inside a car. The whole system kinda needs an overhaul but it's low priority so this is a quick fix to make it so things like towing and other perms are granted. This is NOT retroactive. Anyone currently authed has the perms they were authed with. If you want to reauth someone you need to unauth them and reauth and they'll have tow + other perms.


There were no tow messages sent to the room when a vehicle was hitched/unhitched/hoisted/unhoisted. I've resolved that, they show in the room now too.


These messages were using %d instead of %vehicle and thus put 'nothing' instead of the vehicle name. Resolved it.


Crates require two hands to hold. I've made crate delivery NPCs refuse to give crates to people missing a hand/arm. This should prevent getting into a bad state where you can't deliver the crate because you can't hold it.


Admin have an @goldstar command to easily note when a player does good stuff like help a newbie, help with testing, if they do excellent RP, etc.

I've updated the command to also allow the admin to notify the players if they get a goldstar.

I've updated the command to grant +5 karma.

'help goldstar' for more info.


When there were multiple pending vehicle transfers, the status screen was incorrectly attributing all transfers to the entry in the 1 index. This was purely a display issue and no transfers were actually impacted. The issue is resolved and it'll display correctly now.

The above issue had a specific line of code that was doing assignment + evaluating equality without ()'s which caused the assignment to take the value of the equality check instead of the intended value (so it would be 0 or 1 where it should have been say, 3). I checked all other code for this same specific issue.


I found this same bug in the equality check/assignment in something to do with unhooking grappling hooks when there was more than one on a roof. That's been resolved too.


When a specific type of tasks spawns in the Badlands, it was previously showing it is at 'EARTH'. That is not helpful! So we have instead made it provide coordinates when the target spawns outside of Withmore (i.e. the Badlands).


If a corpse is gnawed on for... reasons... that will now show up in photos. This is not retroactive.


Macguffins sometimes spawn vehicles that need to be scanned. These were actual vehicles. It was technically possible to get in one and be in it when the macguffin completes and thus RECYCLES the vehicle. This wouldn't actually recycle the player, but it would toss them in the red coffins regardless of where they were, which is weird for obvious reasons. I've made it so these will now just show a message about some automated vehicle system ejecting everyone in it into the room the vehicle is in. Then the room shows a message about people being ejected from the vehicle.


If someone with a membership goes OOC with a transcoder eye active, it will no longer show the OOC room. There are two diff OOC lounges (member/non-member) and the member one wasn't excluded. All set now.


We have created a new version of the weight bench that is meant to be used in places where the gym staff might not be cleaning the weight benches all the time. Based on the time since its last cleanup, the weight bench will have a chance to give you an infection. You can use the clean verb on it to clean it up with a towel.


There was a bug in relationship to a system we have in XHELPS with ChatGPT that suggests kind, gentle responses to players. It was not catching certain errors, which led to us not being able to see some xhelps(!!). We fixed that.


I've increased the price of pipe bombs as they were actually costing less than their parts, making it a bit weird to even try to craft them when they were on sale places.


Fixed a bug that was stopping pilots from initiating travel plans, causing point to point spaceflight to not work. All testing looks good now.

I said at the Town Hall this was working, and the reason I thought it was is because I was testing with my staff bit and not an NPC...and the thing that was failing always failed for players but not always for staff. Lesson learned!


There was....not really a bug but a weirdness of code that happened if you tried to re-enter the atmosphere with a ship that wasn't designed to do that. It gave you a rather non-descript error and just stopped.

This has hopefully been fixed, it should now give you an error that explicitly states that the craft you were in was not designed for re-entry. If you ARE in a craft that you believe should be able to come back down, a property on your ship likely got corrupted and you should xhelp.


If the GPT api fails or takes a really long time to respond on average over 3-5 calls, we will trigger a circuit breaker which will cause GPT to be disabled for 30 minutes. During that time we'll just fall back to how we've been doing things prior to GPT. This is good for when their API is lagging or has downtime or is having an outage.


Robots can now be given aliases the same as other security gear when you are setting up your network.


If you unlink a hub or device that is one of your active feeds, it should get pruned out of your active feeds instead of sticking around there forever. Might have missed some cases where this happens so if you see weirdness with these please @bug it.


I am greenlighting pilots to LAUNCH to space from the Spaceport Apron outside NEO.

This is the only place I’d like you to use for the time being. You’ll be able to come back and fly/fall to the apron using the NAV DESCEND command to transition from space flight to air flight / free fall.


These will no longer happen if you are not online. Some cyber gets called even if you aren't and the potential for malfunctions exist-- but it seemed weird to have that happen so I've disabled it for non online people.


Attacking a vehicle as a player was not expending ammo, as the code path was aborted purposefully before weapon:handle_hit was called. I've made an explicit call to handle_hit in the vehicle combat (player vs vehicle specifically) code path, so ammo should now be expended properly. This generally needs a longer look, as there are a number of things that the aborted code path should be doing (like handling crit hits) that aren't being called currently. We may need to pull the specific bits out that need to be called since vehicle damage is handled differently than players and vehicles don't have cyber and other stuff that players have.

(Edited by Slither at 10:06 am on 3/20/2023)


If you examine vehicle ammo it now helpfully tells you that you can 'load in '


Boxes of roni pies will now spawn pepperoni slices instead of calling them cheese.


There was a bug where fleeing from a vehicle in combat would cause a traceback and you would be unable to attempt to flee again. This resulted in at least one poor outcome. I've put a fix in that makes it impossible for a vehicle to block a flee, which I think was the original intent.


Fixed a bug with NPC retirement where a task was running out of ticks by switching to a suspended version of the verb that was failing.


You could 'push mop to' without a direction and get a TB that caused you to be unable to move. I've fixed this.


If you ask a bartender 'how much' something is or what the 'cost' of something is, you will no longer order the drink, and instead the bartender will tell you to check the menu. Straight forward QOL change based on new player feedback at the town hall.


You can now purchase (for a very small fee) a disposable cred chip from the bank. This works much like a gift card / prepaid credit card works today.

The syntax for buying one is: 'buy disposable cred chip' when in the WSB.

- These work like normal cred chips for buying things at stores

- These CAN NOT transfer money to other chips/accounts

- These CAN NOT accept transfers from other chips

- These CAN be cashed out at the bank.

The syntax for cashing out a disposable cred chip is: 'cashout 1st/2nd/3rd cred' when in the WSB.

When creating a disposable cred chip you will be asked how much you want to put on it, you must have the chyen on you (not just in your bank account).

You can also choose to have your chip printed with a specific logo/label so that you can brand these if you are a criminal/fixer/solo/Johnson.

When printed, you can look at the chip and see the logo/label.

These are NOT associated with any bank account. They are REASONABLY anonymous. The WSB is not actively tracking who buys what chips. There is no restriction on buying these while disguised. There is no tagging of these to a SIC ID. These are intended to be fairly anonymous ways (similar to a chyen dead-drop) to pay someone in a CP style fashion.


These in some cases didn't have colors stripped from them which was causing tracebacks when trying to load it from the DB. We have fixed the issue so they will have color tags stripped out and added something to strip them out when coming back from the DB for things that were already recorded.

For those in the know, you can no longer just walk in and start killing spiders. You need to RP. This is due to there now being a door blocking entrance. And a sign that tells you who to talk to if you want in. Spider harvesting always been a more GM driven / plot thing-- or at least that's how it is intended. Now that's codedly enforced.

There was a bug when a note applies to nothing and has no authorship (which really shouldn't happen, but nevertheless). We have accounted for this and added some error catching in case this happens, which isn't a bug on the notification system.