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[May '21] Improvements Feedback
Feedback for improvements made in May 2021

Improvements feedback goes here!
Okay, I'm totally gonna be itching for them stars now. >:D
Date hired added to terminals is a great one. However, can we change the clock when terminal pay happens? Maybe roll over at midnight like most corps would do on a pay day? Reason being is I know some people have to stay up super late due to the time differences based on locations.
Just pick up your pay the next day? It’ll still be there:)
I appreciate the robots requiring a fuel source! Good addition, gives them limited loiter time. Thanks Mirage!
Not seeing this brought up anywhere but back in March Mirage posted,


The e-note's delete command now allows you to delete by a number (as the order that it appears on the list) instead of having to type out the file's name.

This is such a great quality of life addition but I haven't been able to get this to work on any e-note so far. Would it also be possible to get the list of notes numbered?

I love that the slang command is getting some love finally, and feel that the addition of @slang all to view every recorded bit of slang would be great.
Really glad there's an entry level robot for riggers. Awesome job!! Viva la Robo-lution!
Mirage and Johnny have been really responsive about bugfixing, especially with the new chrome and robot code. I'm amazed at how much work has gone into this in such a short amount of time!
So stoked about all the new chrome stuff. The malfunctions are also an appropriate (and wonderful) pain in the ass, and getting them fixed is CPAF. I literally shouted out loud when I started experiencing these systems.

I haven't had a ton of experience with all the new chrome, but am really excited that more cyberware and rigging is getting added in. They're such fun and central themely elements.


Per the other suggestion, the pay doesn't need to be picked up right away. You can stack like 4 weeks of pay before it stops paying you out for new pay. I don't see the need for this.

Also this is for feedback on new features and what you are proposing is a new idea. So in future, ideas section for stuff like that :)

Notability for coloreyes is awesome. Really eye-catching.

One step closer to hair/eye color ANSI...

I really don't like the fact that Progia 3s and 7s can't be used to make homemade radios.

It doesn't make sense, and homemade radios are good when they're cheap. They have limitations already, and the more expensive radios are, the less people will use them. They should be accessible. At the moment, in my opinion, their utility does not justify the cost of making them.

Robot repairs are working really well now, thanks Mirage! Very cool!
It's balanced this way wicked. :) Go steal someones nice phone. :)
What medical patches are being referred to in the latest note? Velosan seemed to work fine. I never bothered with hemostax though.
All of them. You wouldn't see a TB but they'd have no effect.
I think phone minutes are a great feature to help push more communication to radios but I would also like to see deckers hacking phone, PacWest kiosks, or junction boxes to add minutes for shady characters.
Echoing this. A lot of other archetypes have repeatable income skills, and the cyber jockey archetype doesn't. Giving them a way to make a regular living by selling hacks that are valuable to everyone (like SIC cred and PacWest minutes) would be rad.
Option for unlimited data plan soon?
When the hacker drains someone's minutes, leaving them involuntarily incommunicado.

Also free minutes for them.

Can I request something, as it impacts RP quite a bit in some cases,

For new items in general, is it possible to get a note in change logs, that says if the item itself is NEW to the dome, or just something that has been brought to the fore as it were, by implementing it as an item?

I understand this might be difficult, but the recent addition of Progia Minutes has made me a bit more interested in things like that that might have been ignored?

@Rhea The same idea was discussed here:

I'll copy the relevant statements into a separate topic and maybe it can be stickied, it at least can be conveniently hyperlinked even if not pinned.

Finally have enough information I believe to confidentially give this feedback.

When you are unable to or don't have enough skill to do uninstalls and installs on a robot, can the messaging be changed? Currently you get the message 'You can't do engineering while SURGERY.' which is neither helpful nor tells you in any facet why things are going wrong.

I understand this is still WIP, but just a suggestion. That message in specific has been the biggest frustration with the whole system as it doesn't give any information if you just failed the skill or if you're using the complete wrong skill or anything. It just gives a message that on any other skill would seem like a bug.