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[May 2019] Bug Fixes and Updates
Rolling thread of May 2019 updates


This now has an alias of 'fh' to make it easier to type and harder to typo. Help file for hands has been updated. Dreamer's idea.


Glance or gl typed on it's own will now default to glancing at yourself the same way 'ht' does. Dreamer's idea.


I have created a help file for stop, with all the 'stop' actions. It's been cross linked from combat as well, so people should find it early. Check it out.


There is now an alias for this: 'stop att' will do the same thing, but is easier to type in the midst of battle. Dreamer's idea.

Good at ideas, bad at images.

I like these! :D

Man, these are great. Especially the glance change. Awesome!


1. A number of snake memento npcs were not retiring. I'm not sure exactly why but I've added logging around it and retired them manually.

2. Sinners/Snakes/Arts mementos were not spawning with the correct gear. They will now all spawn with the stuff we expect them to have (this was in part a caching issue that I resolved, see below)

3. Sinners & Arts were not set up to automatically spawn members the way the Snakes/TERRA were. This has been resolved.

4. [ADMIN] Looking at a group object for something like the SNAKES will now show a new column for npcs at the top 'SPAWNED AT' which will either be PERSISTENT or a rough estimate of how long ago an memento was spawned.


1. [ADMIN] Refreshing a memento on disk (basically resaving the template for the memento) will now prompt an admin and ask them if they want to purge the cache for that object so that new mementos actually spawn with the new template and not the cached one.


1. [ADMIN] All primary non memento gangers now do NOT show up with a purple * before their name, when you look at the group as an admin. This means they are not mementos. There was a config error on some that has been resolved.

2. All primary non memento gangers now have SICs. There were a few that didn't before.

The new gangers scared me while wandering around, Slither, I noticed the new ones and was like,

WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE ON THIS STREET!? They aren't normally here, they need to look at their lives, look at their choices, see what sent them here.