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The new, cool way, to request OOC service support from admin

With the game growing and admin time at a premium, we are always looking for ways streamline our processes. We did this to great success with @request-puppet. It worked so well that I decided to replicate the system for OOC requests.

And thus, @request-service was born. There will still be times you need to xhelp, and perhaps an admin will reach out to discuss your request with you, but with this new command your request won't be as likely to get lost in the shuffle.

It's really hard, when some admin can do some things, and others cannot, to deal with the logistics of so many requests. Now, the admin that can handle something, will be aware of things that need to be handled, and routinely reminded when there are pending requests (the same way GMs are reminded of puppet requests currently).

xhelp is still the best way to get IMMEDIATE help for a CRITICAL issue, like being stuck, or a bug preventing you from playing. However, for less critical things, @request-service is your friend. The interface will be very familiar for anyone who has ever requested a puppet.

Admin will be directing players that xhelp about service requests, to use the command to have their requests processed, starting today. And if it's a critical issue, but no one is responding to your xhelp, you can use @request-service to make sure we are aware.

'help @request-service' for more information.


Thank you for this addition!

Haven't gotten any feedback on this and want some. From my perspective this has made my life much easier. And our process much more efficient

I have had a few minor things taken care of very quickly thanks to this. It's a definite time and energy saver!

I haven't used this a lot, but when I have, it's been great and way more efficient than trying to request a service another way. A+!

What about options? Are we missing any?

I've updated the messaging when you put in your request, it now asks for more specific information and gives examples. The reasoning behind this is that we get a lot of requests without enough info to process them.

Think of it like this, Slither, the person doing most of these requests right now, knows nothing about you or your character. He codes, he handles administrative things, he does not know you, your current IC situation, where you live, what your dogs name is, or anything else like that.

I want these requests to be processable when you aren't online so you can come back and have things done, unlike puppet requests which have to be done with you online. This is only possible if you include ALL info that's needed in the request and don't assume that I am going to remember things we talked about a month ago or might have been discussed with a different admin :)

More details are better.

-- S

I'm wondering, what's the SOP for if the request included insufficient information? Do you guys contact the player to add details or is it expected for the players to reach out via XHELP to check?

We reach out, make sure the player understands what we need and have them resubmit the request with the proper info.